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Week 8 Player of The Game

A terrible day ended in a drubbing of Kansas and gave us a few Player of The Game options.

James Washington doing non-human things.
James Washington doing non-human things.
Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Let me open this with saying our thoughts and prayers are with all those effected by the tragic Homecoming crash.

Kansas, the worst team in the Big 12, and maybe a bottom five team in all of college football (yes even non FBS teams could beat this Kansas team - in fact, they did), posed very little threat to the Cowboys Saturday. Here were the guys who stood out against Kansas:

J.W. Walsh: It's becoming expected isn't it? Every time Walsh enters the game it feels like a touchdown is coming. Due to the blowout Walsh saw an expanded work-load and amassed five total touchdowns including two through the air and three on the ground. It has to drive defensive coordinators crazy to prepare for the Mason Rudolph offense and the J.W. Walsh offense.

Final Stat Line: 5/5, 68 yards, two touchdowns; six carries, 24 yards, three touchdowns.

James Washington: Washington has "It" doesn't he? That thing that coaches and evaluators can't put into words. He seems spring loaded and capable of a big play anytime. In my opinion the thing that separated the Dez Bryant's and Justin Blackmon's was their competitiveness. It still seems to separate Dez. Washington has that kind of competitiveness. One more similarity between Dez and Washington: Body control. They both seem like they can put their body in position to make incredible plays.

Washington had this silly one handed catch to cap his great first half:

Final Stat Line: 6 receptions, 103 yards, 1 touchdown (all in the first half).

Devante Averette: The Junior College transfer had one of his best game's as a Poke and showcased some nice skills with the ball in his hand after his first quarter interception. The UTSA game was probably his best considering he posted his career high in tackles and added a touchdown but this was right there with it. He's posted an interception in back to back games.

Final Stat Line: Two solo tackles, two assisted tackles, one interception and 18 awesome return yards.

As a final word, if you in any way helped with the tragedy recovery efforts, whether it's buying a wrist band, contributing to a Go-Fund Me for a victim or drove a victim to a local hospital like Pistol Pete, then you are the real Player's of The Game.

God Bless and Go Pokes