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Help Comes In All Shapes And Sizes - How The Community and More Is Responding

Here are some things that others are doing and ways you can help the victims and families of the tragic event this past weekend.

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We've seen some questions on Twitter and social media, most basically asking, "How can we help?" Well, there's plenty of ways. From praying to moments of silence to visits, here's how the community in and around Stillwater are helping out.



This is the only shirt I have seen and know the person who runs this account so trust it very much so that he won't be stealing your money. If there's any other shirts out there, please let me know.

Here's another one, black and reads "Stillwater, Still Loyal, Still True, Still Strong" over an orange ribbon

Go Fund Me

I saw some people asking if the GoFundMe Accounts that have been tweeted out are real and I can tell you that this one is. This one, created by Megan Horton, has over $44,000 at the time of this article being written. I've been proved to that it's very real. I'm sure there are a few others out there, but I'll feel more comfortable putting them up if they are proven. However, I won't stop you from putting them in comments.

This one, for the Atwell family, is also very real.


There was a vigil last night. However, we know not everyone could make it. We will keep you updated with any notifications of a memorial service happening, which I know for a fact will soon. However, for now, the only "official" one I know of is on the corner of where it happened of Main and Hall of Fame. Here's a picture:


Technically this could've been under the Go Fund Me. But this is something different. This amazing group of people made these ribbons and sold them. On Monday, they made more than $1,500 for the victims.


Not everyone can give money, visit or do everything listed above, for whatever reason. Some of y'all reading this may be on the other side of the country. For those, thank you. You're not forgotten. Here's one thing I found that I thought was amazing. Virginia Tech, being so far away, is signing this and we're truly grateful.

Texas Tech, the same team that many of us will take shots at leading up to Saturday's game, is going to have a moment of silence before the game that is IN LUBBOCK. So, when you're making a joke or cheering on the Cowboys this week, remember, they're good people as well.

I wasn't going to get everything in here. It's just not going to happen. There's way too many things that the amazing people in this country are doing to help to put into a single post. However, if you're doing something and were missed, we still want you to know that we are extremely thankful and nothing we say can thank you enough. If there's something else of interest, PLEASE, put it in the comments.

Also, I wanted to address something. In times like this, everyone is hurt, everyone is sad. Don't feel embarrassed to go see a campus counselor or call someone to talk to, it's always better than keeping it in. There's also this amazing thing on campus called Pete's Pet Posse, they're doubling, tripling, probably even quadrupling their coverage this week and let's not lie, everyone would love to pet a dog while on campus.