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We suspend the vicious sports hatred for a week.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Before getting on with this weekly trip down trash talk lane, we need to recognize the overwhelming response that was received from all of our SB Nation family, and their readers, to the homecoming tragedy this past weekend. It's just another reminder that, while "sports" hate can be fun, it's not real. Real is what shows up when things like this happen. Much appreciated.

But we are going to "hate" you again next week...although King is obviously still not forgiving Iowa State for 2011.

On with the show-


1-TCU: Cause why not.

2-BU: See #1

3-OSU: On a serious note, if you're feeling like hurting yourself or others call 1-800-273-8255.

4-OU: So I guess Mayfield got his revenge?

5,6,7,8- Tech, UT, WVU, KSU: Been a rough year, hasn't it? Though I should probably rank UT 5th all alone, who cares.

9- KU: Looked like a team with fight two weeks ago, last week not so much.

10- ISU: Here's your sign.


1. TCU...We love bye weeks, because it doesn't give us a reason to drop you in the polls.

2. Baylor...You know I don't like you at all, but honestly, I hope Russell is ok, although I don't think you miss a beat with Stidham.

3. OSU...finally blew out a team when you were supposed to, on a day when no one really cared much about football. Heal up, Stillwater.

4. OU...Your offense is rounding out, although running through Tech doesn't count for much. Oh, and tremendous class shown by statements from Stoops, Boren, tons of your fans on Twitter (except for one). And flying our flag was very cool.

5.'re hanging onto this position by a thread. You have a big one coming on Halloween, so you can be confident that your run defense will look drastically better this week. Trust me.

​6. Texas...two conference wins in a row, but now you go to Ames on Halloween night. Be very careful.

7. West's great that you are coming off a bye week, but you have to travel to Ft Worth, so what's the use?

8. KState...The Purple Wizard and your defense got run over.

9. Iowa State...valiant effort. You gave the rest of us hope that we, too, can lull Baylor to sleep by letting them jump out to a 35-0 lead.​

10. Kansas...let the 2015 ass whipping tour continue. Up next? Oklahoma.