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Texas Tech Offensive Preview: Football Doesn't Matter

To be honest, I never thought I would have been as emotionally invested as I was last Saturday. I was. Things are in perspective now. Remember, football only matters so much, and as it is right now in Stillwater, not really at all.

DeAndre Washington has been electrifying this season.
DeAndre Washington has been electrifying this season.
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Chilling with "Mahomies" :

Boy did I sell low on Patrick Mahomes heading into this season. He has been a monster at times this season when he has been 100-percent healthy. This is the dream being realized for Kliff Kingsbury. Tech is very close to being a dangerous team in this conference and they may very well play spoiler for the Cowboys, Saturday if they aren't careful. The Cowboys defense has been a force, the likes of which I haven't seen in my short time in this town. If Emmanuel Ogbah registers one sack Saturday, I'll know that it is the Cowboys game to lose. For almost every time that Mahomes has been sacked this season, that has correlated with an interception being thrown. The more of those that Oklahoma State racks up and Mason Rudolph doesn't throw, the better. Still though, almost 3000 passing yards this season with Baylor putting up historic numbers is unreal. Respecting the pass will be paramount for the Cowboys, and rushing four will be more common than anything else, so Ogbah, Jimmy Bean, and the rest of the beast squad will have to make up the difference. It is likely that they will. Oh and would it be so bad to limit Jakeem Grant's touches. He seems to touch the ball a lot when the Cowboys and Red Raiders play. He had 12 last year. Stop that man.

The Other Cheetah:

Last season, Oklahoma State had a pint-sized speedster that brought many of us joy. I hope he is doing well, even though his exit was an ugly one and rightfully so. This season the Red Raiders have a guy that is reminiscent of that and he's been there for a while now. DeAndre Washington is a lightning rod for an offense that is supposed to be made up of lightning rods. Speed, vision and agility make Washington one of the premier running backs in the conference. He's so versatile though that he isn't limited to that, he's almost as dangerous on a swing pass as he is and a third-and-long draw play. I'd like to have 6.7 yards per carry for OSU, but that's just one too many nice things for them to have right now. The Cowboys are about to find out that a team that can do both can spell big trouble for their high aspirations. Realistic or not.

Mutual Respect:

So this last one, I don't even have anything. To be honest that is how my mind has been the last few days. My "day-job" put me in the middle of the chaos after last weekends tragedy, on the media side of things. It is hard to just react and not give yourself any time to be cathartic. I'm not looking for anyone's sympathy though. I don't need it. The families of those that have passed and those that were injured do. I hope you consider assisting in some way, even if that is sending your thoughts and positives vibes from a place like Lubbock, Texas or a place like Blacksburg, Virginia. The world has converged on Stillwater for the worst of reasons but it is the things that you all do in support that shows me and so many others that this world has plenty of good people still left in it. We love you all. #StillwaterStrong