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CRFF Week 8 Picks From Joe's

A weak schedule and technology couldn't stop us from talking about Star Wars and King's plastic cup.Oh, and SOMEONE has never seen the 2011 heartbreak in Ames...

We could've discussed how interesting West Virginia at TCU was going to be, but the Mountaineers decided to shit the bed quickly, so that wasn't interesting.

King's anger with Iowa State will likely last forever, Pokelahoma is pretty confident about the upcoming trip to Lubbock, and I'm convinced OU has the best chance to make the college football playoff with one loss from the Big 12. We also fixed the college football playoff.

We did reach new heights of technological excellence, as I had to resort to a hand-written note to keep the conversation going.

Pokelahoma brought up Travis Ford, which is probably what caused my sound problem. We'll give him a pass this time around.

King got kidnapped by his real job, so here's my attempt at some trash talking predictions....

West Virginia at TCU...well that didn't take long. Even Dana had to recognize what they were going up against.... pointed out on Twitter last night, the Mountaineers are 0-4 and the combined record of the teams they lost to is 28-1. That's nice, but still leaves you with the same conference record as Kansas, at least until Saturday.

Oklahoma at Kansas...honestly, who gives a shit. I can't even muster up any hope for an upset bid by the Jayhawks. OU 62, Kansas 7.

Texas at Iowa State...As if King didn't hate Iowa State enough, now they get rid of Mangino. Texas is still carrying Charlie around, so they'll need to come down off their only high point of the season to get focused on a night game in Ames on Halloween. I would expect weird things, especially with Big 12 refs involved. Remember what happened last time the Longhorns traveled up there? UT 32, Iowa State 21

Oklahoma State at Texas most of the Tech folks tried to make a nice gesture in response to OSU's homecoming tragedy, but the Red Raider trolls just couldn't stand by quietly and let this happen. Sorry nice fans, but I hope what we do to you on Saturday makes 2011 look like "Breakfast at Tiffany's." OSU 49, Tech 28

Everyone have a safe weekend and hopefully OSU keeps it going.