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Don't Forget That History Isn't One-Sided

Sure, Texas Tech leads this series 21-18-3, but stop acting like it's been terrible.

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After reading article upon article from the experts of the world, I've begun to notice a trend. Oklahoma State, though technically favored on the odds boards, isn't really favored at all this weekend in its trip to Lubbock, Texas. Here's a link, looking at three things from the LandGrant Gauntlet. LGG uses four arguments: Texas Tech is better than 5-3, Mahomes is a good quarterback, which is worse and who has OSU beaten? Add in the argument that it's hard to play in Lubbock and it's basically every other argument on every other site.

However, what each one of these sites are ignoring is the other side of history. Lubbock is tough to beat, sure. But the Red Raiders haven't beaten a ranked team at home since October 13, 2012 against then No. 5 WVU. Oklahoma State hasn't lost in Lubbock since 2008, 56-20. Since then, the Cowboys are averaging just over 50 points a game when playing as the visitor there and keeping the Red Raiders to an average score of 19. That's keeping a crowd out of the game. The thing is, those weren't bad Tech teams either:

2010: 33.07 ppg (8-5) - Scored 17 against OSU

2011: 33.83 ppg (5-7) - Scored 6 against OSU

2013: 25.77 ppg (8-5) - Scored 21 against OSU

I think we can agree that there's no easy game in the Big 12 when you're traveling. Heck, even KU can be a pain sometimes, we see a lot of teams go up there and choke. For example, Texas Tech almost did that earlier this year. So let's debunk the argument that playing in Lubbock, especially at 2:30, is why OSU will lose this game.

Next up, Texas Tech is better than 5-3. I'd sort of agree with that. When they played TCU, they looked like a top 25 team. Then these last few weeks happened and they look like a 5-3 team. Four interceptions and allowing more than 400 yards on the ground against OU isn't good. Sure, OU is a good team, but that's no excuse for that ugly of a game. This team is as good as its record is. It's about to play another top 15 team, one that has one heck of a defensive line to keep Pat Mahomes on his back all day. So we'll call that one even.

Mahomes is a good quarterback. Let's be honest, he's good, but the system is better. Does Mahomes do as well if he's in West Virginia? Who knows, doesn't really matter because he's not. Either way, the guy has 2,851 yards and 21 touchdowns. However, he has three games with one touchdown, three multiple interception games and hasn't exactly had a fire offense since they played 20 days ago.

But is he that good? Baylor and Oklahoma have the top two defenses that Tech has seen. In those games he had four touchdowns and six interceptions, threw 90 times and lost both of them. What do both of those teams have in common with OSU? A pretty good defensive line.

Which is worse - OSU run game or Texas Tech rush defense? It's the Tech rush defense. If you can't tackle, then the offense is going to look good. We've seen it happen before. It doesn't really matter how bad the offense is, if the defense can't stop you, you're going to look good.

The scheduling argument is interesting. Tech will visit WVU later this year and we'll know more about it then. But if Tech plays like it did the last two weeks against both WVU and Texas, they'd have two losses playing the Cowboys schedule. Both are away games and guess what, Kliff Kingsbury coached Red Raiders are 4-6 against Big 12 teams on the road, 4-9 if you include the Baylor game, which is played in Arlington.

So before you believe and buy into these sites and shows that are saying OSU is on upset alert, think about this post. OSU should watch out, Tech could be a pretty dangerous team. However, every one of the arguments being used are ignoring the other side, the other side that actually has as strong as an argument.