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Saturday Six Shooter: Keys to the Game

A new weekly segment breaking down what the Cowboys need to do to win the game.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

The undefeated Oklahoma State Cowboys roll into Lubbock, Texas to face off against the 5-3 Texas Tech Red Raiders. It is looking like it may be the first decent test for the Cowboys this season so let's see what they need to do to steal a win on the road.

1) Establish the Run Game

If Mike Gundy wants the passing lanes to open up, then he'll have to have his players establish some kind of presence on the ground. The line has struggled with run blocking throughout the season but have started to come together and establish a presence. If the offense can get the linebackers to commit to the run, then the middle of the field will be wide open for David Glidden, Austin Hays, and Jalen McCleskey.

2) Keep the Pressure off Rudolph.

Mason Rudolph has been struggling on the road this season. The defenses have been getting to him too quick and have been rattling him pretty hard. If the line keeps the pressure off him, then he will get comfortable and settle into rhythm and keep the passing game running smoothly all game long.


To get the most yardage off this defense, you have to play through the tackle and pick up as many yards after catch as possible. If they let the Red Raiders keep stuffing them short, then the game will be getting much more difficult down the stretch.

4) Stop the Play Before it Develops

Enter Emmanuel Ogbah and company. Patrick Mahomes has been lethal when given time. Ogbah, Jimmy Bean, Vincent Taylor, and Jordan Burton will have to keep pressure on him all game long to keep disrupting their offense before it can really get going.

5) Take it Back

Keep sporting that #WTIB and force plenty of turnovers. Their offense is much better than their defense so keep them off the field. Give their defense no quarter and keep them winded all game long.

6) Get weird.

Things will be weird at an afternoon blackout game in Lubbock on Halloween. It's up to Gundy and friends to make just as weird right back. Keep the play calling sporadic and exuberant. Give the defense some crazy schemes. Use Emmanuel Ogbah on offense! I don't know exactly what but the 'Boys will have to keep the Red Raiders on their toes all game long if they want to stay undefeated.

The game kicks off at 2:30 p.m. Stillwater time and will be aired on ESPN.