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The Day After - Thoughts On A Fun Kansas State Game

Conspiracy theories or not, Oklahoma State is still 5-0

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

1) The first down that wasn't

Ok, in case you haven't seen the video, here it is.

So the ball is between the 44 and 45, Oklahoma State needs to get to the 34.5 yard line, penalties happen and we're in a third and 23 situation. Someone on the chain gang wasn't doing their jobs, so the referee thought the first down was where the down marker was on the field, on the 40. To see the yard marker, go to 2:36 or look below.

Here we clearly see Marcell Ateman has the ball at least a few yards ahead of the marker on the field. Not to be rude or anything, but the yellow line, which is right, isn't something the refs can see in the game, they have to go by the chain gang, who obviously screwed up. Now that we have that cleared up, does that mean OSU doesn't score on that drive? Maybe. But down by two scores when your defense can't stop a receiver turned quarterback and with Mason Rudolph finding his stride, who's to say OSU doesn't go for the what should be fourth down?

The first down shouldn't have happened, we'll all agree on that. But let's not act like we know that gives OSU the game (no one has actually said that to my knowledge, yet). If OSU does punt it, KSU may not score. Or they might score. Anything can happen but this isn't a game of what ifs, if it were, Oklahoma State may have been in a national championship game in 2011.

2) Mason Rudolph is great

This guy. The same guy some fans were not happy with after a pretty nasty Texas game, just got his second 400-yard game in his short career. When the Cowboys went into the game, they pretty much said, "Here Mason, you've got a third and fourth string running back who won't get many carries so just sling it around 50 times," and managed to come away with only one interception and three touchdowns against one of the "best defenses in the league."

By the way, football needs to start doing what baseball does with stats. Call that a receiver error or something, because it's not an interception. Call it a fumble before you make the quarterback look worse. Hell, call it a hand off because that's basically what receivers do when they slap it into a defenders hand.

3) Penalties

Before anyone starts complaining about penalties ruining games, remember that if OSU doesn't have two pass interference calls in the first two KSU drives, the Wildcats would've not had their first two touchdowns that early.


Is everyone in that locker room some sort of quarterback? Does Bill Snyder even recruit any other position or does he just recruit quarterbacks and turn them into athletes? The world may never know, but Kody Cook looked like he had been in charge of the offense all season. Snyder must have cast a spell on him or something.

5) Big 12 refs are kind of getting out of hand

I think we've talked enough about the refs today. But this will be the last one, I promise. Bring on the Cats had this to say about the Big 12 refs and I have to agree. Before you go over there or here to leave comments about how the first down that didn't happen didn't change the game, please read the article. It mentions how the refs have changed the course for many Big 12 teams throughout the years and it's true. They've constantly found ways to suck.

6) Run game? Nah.

Who needs the run game? I'm kidding, everyone needs to be able to run. But before you look at the stat sheet and start to think that we're in trouble, remember that the Cowboys were literally without their starting and backup running back.

7) Take the win

I'm not saying I agree with what The Franchise host John Rohde said about OSU fans needing a beer and need to relax. But I will say that a win is a win. OSU is 5-0 for the first time since 2011 and is finding ways to win. Could it be better? Yes. But the team is young so right now, they're doing as well as they could be doing and are one of the four undefeated teams in the conference. It'll also get better with experience.

8) OK Ben Grogan

The past eight games all media and fan attention has been on Mason Rudolph. He's great, I agree, but no one wants to admit that Ben Grogan has been just as important. In the last three Big 12 games for Oklahoma State, he's found a way to make clutch kicks that won the game for OSU. I think Jenni Carlson said it best in this article:

"Grogan has these stretches when he's hotter than an Oklahoma sidewalk in July, when he hits everything he attempts. Doesn't matter if it's low-stress extra points or please-please-please-make-this field goals. He is golden. But then in a flash, the shine goes off and sends fans scrambling for the depth chart to see who the back-up is."