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Big 12 Acknowledges Poor Yard-To-Gain Error In Oklahoma State Game

That game wasn't ruined because of this play, but it certainly wasn't acceptable.

In yesterdays game, there was quite a controversial play in the second quarter. With what should've been third and 23, Mason Rudolph completed a pass that would've been good for about 19 yards. It wasn't good for the first down, but due to the chain gang not putting the down marker where it should've been after a holding penalty on first down, the side judge thought it was a first down, giving it to OSU for what would eventually be a touchdown.

Here are some screenshots:

Before (Marker on the 34 1/2 yard line):

After (marker on 40)

The Big 12 acknowledged today what happened. Here's the statement:

"Accurracy and adherence to Conference policies and officiating mechanics are vital to the proper administration of the rules in all games," said Anderson. "Disciplinary actions will be addressed with both the field officials and chain crew."

We all know what that means. The crew will probably get a call or something and get told to watch it.