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Buy or Sell - Mason Rudolph Could End Up As The Best Quarterback In Oklahoma State History

It could happen, I'm just saying.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

We're early into sophomore Mason Rudolph's career but he's looked pretty solid. In eight games he has 2,527 yards, 15 touchdowns and eight interceptions (though one should be a receiver fumble, but regardless, he has eight) and has completed about 63 percent of his passes.

That's no Heisman contender, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Oklahoma State has had one of those and could possibly of had two had some things went different in Brandon Weeden's career. But if we look back at the careers of great OSU quarterbacks, it's not as if there's a lot to tread through.

Brandon Weeden played two full years, and they were the best the school has seen. He threw for a combined 9,004 yards and 71 touchdowns while paired with 26 interceptions. The likelihood of Rudolph ever getting those numbers in two years isn't that far off. If Rudolph hits at least his average of 334.8 yards per game against WVU, he will be just over 2,000 for the year at the midway point, meaning he could have at least 4,000 if he continues at his average. That's a lot of if's, but we are talking about possibilities here.

At 20 years old, Mason Rudolph has proven he has the capability to lead this team to new heights, and that's without "star" receivers like Justin Blackmon or Dez Bryant, not to take away from the group in Stillwater, but that's just the fact. That means Rudolph could possibly be getting better, and with a max of three years left, there's the possibility of him surpassing every pass record Weeden ever broke.

So we're going to ask, buy or sell?


Rudolph continues his growth, ends this year and next year with more than 4,000 yards to get to at least 9,000 in his career before his senior year. That puts him at Zac Robinson, or better, on yards thrown for in OSU history (he's currently at No. 14, that would be a jump to No. 2). At 1.875 touchdowns per game in his career right now, he'd be on track for 73.5 through three years of games, only 1.5 away from Weeden. The laws of averages says he'll be the best, plus it's not like he doesn't have the tools. Gundy has already told people Rudolph has better arm talent than everyone except Weeden who's been here, and it's only getting better. Obviously this isn't how it's going to go down, but it's fun to look at it this way.


Something's wrong with you. All kidding aside, there are plenty of reasons that this could be a possibility. He leaves early, gets injured for a game or two, anything crazy could happen. After all, we are talking about possibilities.

So you vote, and while you're at it, leave a comment with why you chose what you did.