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Robert And King Week Five Power Poll

Again, Gerald is posting this because Robert has that job thing

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the week five power polls featuring Robert and King and I entered some because I was the one publishing it anyway.


1: TCU- Just make sure you don't drop until we play
2: OU- Defense looked better
3: Baylor- Cant stop or breathe or your hairs blown back. I hate art briles
4: OSU- Why does it take Spencer a half to lock down the other team?
5: WVU- So crushing **** teams really doesn't mean much
6: Tech- Could'nt even muster a moral victory in this one
7: KSU- Hahahahahahahahahahaha suck it 
8: ISU- Hey you won
9: UT- Hey you lost big
10: KU- Hey you


1. TCU...nice job of eliminating the possibility that officiating corruption tilted the Texas game in your favor.

2. only scored 63 against that defense? Not impressed.

3. OU ...Is your offense that good, or is West Virginia's defense not that good? I'd rather go with the latter, as it makes it easier to bad mouth you, and also still gives me hope for Bedlam.

4. OSU...our mistakes are getting evened out by the officiating. Not sure that's a viable long term plan, but I'll go with it since it seems to be working.

5. much for that legit defense. BTW, I'm really interested to see how Holgosen gameplans for the refs being on our side.

6.'re at least this good if you can almost win a game on the road with a walk-on WR playing QB. All Hail The Purple Wizard.

7. only scored 35 against that defense? Not impressed.

​8. Texas...King and I could have conspired to rank you this low...but we didn't need to.

9. Iowa State...congrats, you have a legit shot of moving to #8 after hosting Texas on Halloween in Ames.

10.Kansas...just go ahead and embrace 0-12. You're playing at Texas on 11/7...I don't think even the Longhorns can screw that up.​ Oh, and Baylor next week.


1. TCU- So, how bad does that win over Texas look now that someone went and made them look that bad?

2. OU - I'm going to get flame from OSU fans for this. But they looked great against a pretty stellar defense. I'm a tad worried.

3. Baylor - STOP WINNING, NO ONE WANTS YOU TO ANYMORE. All kidding aside, they made Tech look bad. But Tech was tired and injured.

4. OSU - A win is a win, but you can only win ugly so many times. I hope so many means 14.

5. WVU - You lost so you take a back seat. Plus five turnovers mean you're five in the conference.

6. KSU - Every man a quarterback. They're better than Tech in the win/loss column. The only column that matters.

7. Texas Tech - Take a breather, kid, you're about to get two bye weeks in a row. Oh, nevermind, you're just playing ISU and KU.

8. Iowa State - The "who's number nine bowl," was terrible and really turned into ISU taking over the No. 8 spot because at least their dumpster fire of a team isn't tweeting at halftime.


10. Kansas - They wish they had players tweeting at half time.