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CRFF Ranks the Big 12

After a couple of weeks in conference play the Big 12 is shaping up to be a decent conferenced filled with crazy games. We rank where each team stands.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

With some close games as well as blow outs these first few weeks of Big 12 play has definitely given us some interesting games. We're starting to see now the teams that were over-hyped, under-hyped, or properly-hyped at the beginning of the season. We go through and rank the Big 12 teams as they stand now.

1. TCU

The Horned Frogs have looked impressive early in the young season. While dealing with many players not playing due to injuries or suspension, the Frogs have been able to battle and still look like one of the two teams to beat in the Big 12.

2. Baylor

The Bears have probably looked the best constantly this year. The offense hasn't changed, despite the shift at quarterback and the team looks to be another juggernaut. This isn't a team you can stop offensively, this is a team you hope to outscore.

3. Oklahoma

OU is probably the team that has jumped most from preseason expectations to today. The defense looks improved from last year, although there are still some question marks and Baker Mayfield seems to be the answer at QB. If the chips fall the right way the Sooners could contend for a Big 12 crown this year.

4. Oklahoma State

The Pokes wins this season have not come very prettily, but they are still undefeated. With escapes at Texas and at home versus Kansas State the Cowboys will be revealed for who they really are after this weeks trip to Morgantown.

5. West Virginia

The Mountaineers looked really impressive in their non-conference wins but struggled last week versus Oklahoma. We know the secondary is stout but it was surprisingly the offense that seemed to be struggling the most last week.

6. Texas Tech

The Red Raiders put up a great fight versus TCU two weeks ago and almost came out victorious. That wasn't the case this past week against the other Big 12 conference favorite. The Tortilla Tossers got beat down but will look to bounce back versus Iowa State this week.

7. Kansas State

The Wildcats had to use their fifth (!!) string quarterback this past week versus Oklahoma State however that didn't seem to phase their offense as they just kept chugging. The offense saw a lot success and almost escaped Stillwater with a victory. EMAW doesn't belong in the bottom tier of the league, but they aren't quite good enough to challenge the big dogs.

8. Iowa State

Yay Cyclones! The Cyclones moved passed the Longhorns this week after a drumming of Kansas. This team still will probably struggle the rest of the year but they might have the opportunity to ruin someone's year.

9. Texas

Texas, Texas, Texas. This program is spiraling downhill fast. After a drumming from TCU Texas heads up to the Cotton Bowl to probably get drummed by OU. As if the on-the-field performance wasn't an issue enough now Texas players are taking to Twitter to say they're transferring and throwing teammates and coaches under the bus. Not looking so bright in Charlie's town.

10. Kansas

Poor Kansas. They aren't going to win a game this year and they play Baylor this week. Send thoughts and prayers.