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Buy or Sell - Oklahoma State throws more than 35 times this week in Morgantown

The running backs should be back, but will they be healthy enough to bang into a tough WVU defensive line?

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State used to be the team who would throw it more than 35 times a game almost every game.

Used to.

In 2015 the Cowboys have only had Rudolph throw it more than 35 times twice. Once against UCA and another against Kansas State. They're still 5-0 but in the games when Rudolph does throw it more than 35 times, he's looked pretty good. Throwing for over 400 yards in both games and at least two touchdowns each time.

In the UCA game, the running game was still active. Last week against KSU is another story. The Cowboys only ran the ball for 49 yards on 27 carries. Not preferable but it definitely is forgivable when you look at the situation of missing your starting and backup running back.

So we're going to ask you, with the running backs back, should the Cowboys go back to trying to run it or should they let Rudolph air it out?


The running backs still get 30 or more carries and the run game does decent. But that's not why they let Rudolph throw 35 times or more. The WVU defense is third in the conference in both rush and pass defense, but has allowed nearly 200 more yards through the air. Just last week we saw Baker Mayfield throw for 320 on 25 attempts while his rush offense struggled to reach 100 on 32 attempts. The Cowboys try to expose this potential weakness in what's a pretty strong WVU defense by forcing this many passes.


Come on, we all know this offense will try to bang their heads against the wall until it breaks. Rudolph still does well through the air but he doesn't reach 35 attempts. It's a mixed attack that'll lead the Cowboys this week.