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Week Five Player Of Game Nominations - Mason Rudolph Could Get His First

It's a bit late but it's better than never, I guess.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

In last weeks 36-34 win over Kansas State, the first player that comes to mind who improved the most is easy: Mason Rudolph.

However, it wasn't all just him. Here are a few players, including Rudolph, who you can vote for in this weeks player of the game.

Mason Rudolph - The co-offensive Big 12 player of the week through for 437 yards on 55 attempts while completing 34 of them. He had one hiccup, an interception that's more a fumble than anything, on his way to three touchdowns. His 10-for-14 on third down helped the Cowboys complete the comeback after digging themselves in a hole in the first half.

Marcel Ateman - Ateman came up big when they needed him, finally. He was one of the two OSU receivers to have over 100 yards and scored a touchdown as well.

Emmanuel Ogbah - He continued his impressive 2015 campaign with six tackles, three of them being for a total loss of 16 yards. Picking up one sack to bring him to 6.5 on the year. Ogbah helped the defense keep KSU to six points in the second half.

Chad Whitener - The former walk-on was amazing. Nine tackles, two sacks and huge plays. His one negative play was letting up a touchdown to KSU but he played admirably in replacement of Ryan Simmons.