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CRFF Roundtable - Talking Big 12 and King seems to not like Rudolph?

Well, King, tell us how you really feel.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Today's roundtable is simple:

  1. Discuss the Big 12 a little bit, what you think of the remaining undefeated teams and our next opponent WVU?
  2. How'd you like last weeks offense?
  3. Knowing that Rudolph is top 10 in the nation in yards and Ogbah is top 10 in sacks, does that make you feel any more comfortable about this team?
Leave your answers in the comments.


West Virginia doesn't look nearly as good, but still I think we're about 1-3 against them since they joined the big 12. TCU looks better, but they've been suspect all year. OU looks okay but not great, Baylor looks good on offense and like they've taken a step back on defense.

Last week will make everyone think the offense is okay, but it's really not. How many times did we have a third and eight or longer and convert because KSU sucks? Rudolph is a slightly better version of Daxx, and is about three inches away from throwing a pick-six on every out route.

Rudolph has played bad teams to pad his stats, Ogbah is a man who handles business. We could go 10-2 as easily as we could 8-4, depending on the offense. And no, I wouldn't be happy with 8-4.

Kyle Cox

1)  I would say that the Big 12 is little more open at the top half than I thought before the season. TCU has is not the defensive team I thought they were. I still think it will be either TCU or Baylor with the best chance to win, but the margin is much closer. OU would be third and I still think OSU is right there. OSU definitely has its issues but you hope they can steadily improve. WVU will be a huge test.

2) The offense did what they had to do as far as getting pass happy. As much as Gundy wants to run it down the middle, he wasn't going to put all of that on Carr's shoulders. The line still remains an issue but the quick passes took some pressure off of them. Mason is the truth and the receivers are still really good. But you are going to have to figure out the running game to get a win in Morgantown.

3) Rudolph is the guy you want leading your offense. He had a rough game in Austin but came back knowing the burden would be on him to move the ball. He answered the call and proved a lot. Ogbah and this defense are what give this team a chance. Other than some ill-timed penalties the defense played a pretty good game. You just hope that the line issues and running game woes don't hamstring what could be a really good team.

Cameron Osburn

The Big 12 is deeper, and better than I thought coming into the season. OU is pretty darn good, I thought they were in for a long season. TCU, while its defense hasn't been what you expect from a TCU defense, is still the best in the conference if you ask me. A lot of the defensive struggles are injury related. Baylor is good, their offense will put up points as always not sold on their defense either. And of course OSU just finds a way to win, conspiracy theories or not, 5-0 is 5-0. I could care less how "pretty" those wins are. WVU's defense clearly was a product of its opponents the first few games. It's not what some made it out to be. That said, Morgantown scares me as always. I predicted this to be OSU's first loss back in the preseason and I think I'll stick with that prediction and hope I'm wrong. They've had our number since coming to the Big 12.

I was thrilled we went air raid essentially. I was hoping for it when I wrote that buy or sell and it came true. We can't run block. Period. So to keep running into a brick wall at the line is just dumb. Rudolph is incredibly clutch on third or fourth down, in case no one noticed.

Rudolph is a damn good QB. I'm not sure why a portion of the fan base isn't sold on him. He's 7-1. He beat OU won a bowl game won at Texas what more do you people want? He doesn't even have a full season's worth of games yet he still looks poised and makes big plays when they are needed. Tired of this fan base questioning him. Ogbah is a man among boys. "Who is Shawn Oakman?"


Still waiting on TCU/Baylor to decide this thing...OU is clearly a challenger...OSU will need some (more) luck. WVU...the last place I want to be after they have a rough loss with lots of turnovers on the road is THEIR house. I honestly think this is where reality comes callling.

Loved it, and they need to keep doing that if they are going to have any hope of challenging the top of the Big 12.

Maybe, but I know this offensive line is going to cost us a game at some point.

Cory Treece

Baylor and TCU are still the best teams, but aren't as far ahead as we originally thought going into this year. WVU, OU and Tech all look like pretty solid teams. UT is awful. KSU could have been better if it weren't for the QB injuries. ISU and

It was refreshing to see OSU put the game on Rudolph's shoulders and let the receivers go to work. Of course that was out of necessity with the top to running backs out, but they got the job done. They'll need to get the running game going at least a little bit to have any shot at winning the conference though.

Mason and Ogbah were spectacular this weekend. OSU fans should to be grateful that they are still undefeated when they could easily be 3-2. If the defense can keep it up (and avoid bad starts like this weekend) and Yurcich continues to put faith in his QB, I think they still have a shot at a fantastic season.

Okstate Gents

I think the key to winning the Big 12 this year is to win the bidding war the refs have before the game starts to get calls to go your way. S/O to Boone for the start up cash. The only easy games left are KU and ISU. Every game will scare me besides that though. The top half could be wide open. Seems like just about anybody could get beat at any time unless you're ISU or KU.

I'm glad they turned over the reins to our Orange Nosed Reindeer because that's exactly what we needed to win. Getting Carson/Childs back will help balance us out but the passing attack should be feared by the rest of the big 12 now. Hopefully it opens up the running game.

Like I've said I love this team. Top half is way too close right now that it's not that I don't have confidence in our team, I just think everybody else is really really good too. Strap up pokes, it's going to be a season for the books.


Why should people fear our passing attack? The cats couldn't stop a cripple through the air. Rudolph throws behind and high way too often, and those will lead to points the other way against good teams. Especially considering the amount of sideways lateral pass  routes we run. Rudolph will be a good qb and probably by the end of this year. But right now he looks like a talented freshman.