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The Quick Draw - WVU is being picked by everyone and Thursday open thread

Here's today's edition of The Quick Draw

Home Brewed News

  • It's our Pokes Gone Pro - NFL edition. Brandon Weeden is doing fine and people are still freaking out. Sounds familiar?
  • The Solid Verbal had this podcast where the predicted the Oklahoma State game this weekend. If you're easily angered, you probably don't want to hear them predict OSU to lose, which happens around 27 minutes in.
  • No amount of wins or losses will change how great this story is. Rudolph continues to prove he's more than just the quarterback by caring about others in ways that you absolutely want your starting guy to.
  • I'm not sure how y'all are taking this piece from last night on what should OSU fans expect, because I still don't know and don't think I ever will.

Pistols Firing

The Mothership

  • OSU is the ranked team but everyone is picking WVU. That's real nice.
  • Chatmon predicted the loss but thinks Ogbah and Co., pick up more than 5.5 sacks in this weeks mailbag. I'm sorry, but if OSU manages to get 5.5 sacks, there should be no reason the Cowboys aren't 6-0.
  • I'd like to put more here, but it seems they're focusing on the third best game in the conference this week between OU and Texas.


This is also today's open thread. There are some games tonight so we will be posting in comments!