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Cowboy Country Pokecast With Gerald Tracy and David Smith

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Here's another edition of the Cowboy Country Pokecast. This week we spoke with David Smith of The Smoking Musket about the Mountaineers. WVU started out great, but last weeks OU game could be a cause for worry, maybe. At least they're playing an OSU team that's potentially emotionally drained. We discussed the loss of big players for each team, the game and also the impact homecoming could have on this game. Make sure to listen to all 17-plus minutes, it's worth it.

After you've listened to it remember to follow David @SmithFire13 and let's hope the Cowboys can pull out the win in Morgantown. Tune in next week as we'll try to get a few Big 12 guys on to talk about other teams while OSU is on its bye week.