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Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech: As Told by Red Raider Fans

The highest scoring game in college football so far in 2015 yields some excellent commentary from our friends at Viva The Matadors.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

What a game! Once again the Cowboys come away with a conference road win. Lubbock has been kind to Oklahoma State the last few years, but that hasn't always been the case in the Gundy era. The 2015 edition of OSU/Tech started out about as poorly as it could have for the Pokes, providing some false optimism for Red Raider fans. However, the Cowboys came back with a barrage of scoring in the 2nd half, eventually coming away with a 17 point victory and the seventh straight victory over Tech.

Let's let the Texas Tech fans take us through the game!


STILL sitting here at the house

hope yall had a good tailgate. Girls still shopping



OSU alum here
Just wanted to stop by and say that everything TT and VTM has done this week to stand with OSU has been first class. Though it was a terrible tragedy, it's been a great week to be a member of the Big 12 family. Hoping for a wildly entertaining game today. Enjoy the game guys. Lets get weird!

Oh we gonna get weird

good lord get this Mississippian trash off the TV


Keep your head on guys...
Been shooting ourselves in the foot way too much.

P. Mahomes pass,to J. Stockton for 42 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

WOW. That was fast...
and now we see how this is really gonna go

Best start in a while. Can we get some D?

We look like we're playing inspired.
And at this point i'll take it.

What's happens so far
How did we score

P. Mahomes pass,to J. Grant for 90 yds for a 1ST down - ESPN Video

Jakeem Grant touched the football and amazing happened.
14-0 Tech off of stockton finishing drives with TD catches

First time two great runs by DeAndre then a bomb to Stockton. Second followed a 90 yard miracle catch and run (from our 3) by Grant.


This is fun we should football like this more often

How's the D looking

A. Hays pass,to B. Jarwin for 19 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

I thought we had the butt-ugliest uniforms in football, but OK St.'s are even worse!

B. Grogan kick for 65 yds,J. Grant return for 100 yds for a TD - ESPN Video



play like this all the time please
my blood pressure will be much lower


Dakota Allen is playing great

OKST vs. TTU - ESPN Video

Close call.

anyone but Jakeem

OKST vs. TTU - ESPN Video

Worst call of the year

Unbelievable bad targeting call
If that's targeting, we need to take the friggin pads off and give everyone flags to wear.

If only we had a defense...........?

How defend against dishonest refs...

Yeah, bad call.

The fix is in. These refs are not going to let this upset happen

R. Taylor run for 4 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

Looks that way...

gotta finish out the half strong here

Gonna be a three point game soon
Really disappointing especially with that potential game changing ejection.

c'mon man
Gotta get some points here

Free play!

For the love of all that's holy
Please no more non TD drives. We gotta TD every time.

Why did we go fast there????
We gifted X$U 25 seconds

Yeah, they were trying to set up quick snap...
Should have bleed clock when recognized.

M. Rudolph pass,to B. Sheperd for 31 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

For Heisman? Jeesh

HALFTIME (Texas Tech - 38 Oklahoma State - 28)

Ten point halftime lead...
Much more than I would have hoped for. Trick or treat!

huge stop there

Dare I dream of getting our lead back to 17?

M. Barden punt for 40 yds,J. McCleskey returns for 67 yds for a TD - ESPN Video


R. Taylor run for 28 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

Maybe losing the lead will wake up the offense

Even if we win,
we will never have a truly good team until we get a defense. Many D-IAA teams have defenses that are better than ours.

Offense looks like crap this half
0 fer on 3rd down

Yeah saw Tony Daniels kid on the OSU side...

P. Mahomes pass,to I. Sadler for 20 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

Nice play by Sadler.
Let's go people.

Good effort. Keep it up.

J. Walsh run for 64 yds for a 1ST down - ESPN Video

This fit is shucked up
Tackle, tackle, tackle

J. Walsh run for 1 yd for a TD - ESPN Video

They've found our weakness.
Running the ball in any way, shape or form.

Lack of offense. Look at second half score...

P. Mahomes pass intercepted,M. Hunter return for 7 yds - ESPN Video

We're done

J. Washington run for 75 yds for a TD, (B. Grogan KICK) - ESPN Video

This is embarrassing. I am not one to gather a lynch mob and pitchforks or anything, but regardless of the outcome, Kingsbury must go. He is not 1/10th the coach Tuberville was, and we all know Tuberville wasn't worth a shit.

Oklahoma State can't stop scoring - ESPN Video

Pick 6 Oklahoma State wins 70-53 - ESPN Video

FINAL (Texas Tech - 53 Oklahoma State - 70)

Kings is the solution, not the problem.
I get frustrated too. But we need time, consistency and talent. Especially talent, at this point.

We could save a lot of money by buying out his contract immediately.
The longer we wait to fire him the more it is going to cost us. It is time to cut bait. As it is, he is the highest paid coach in college football per win. I like the idea of trying to get Ruffin McNeil back.

It's clear that you are an idiot

Wow, that was a clever reply. Congrats.

Keep it simple stupid
Tuberville would've ran the ball continuously to kill the clock when losing because he doesn't want to risk a big loss. You think he's a better coach? You're simply an idiot.

Would you mind not calling me offensive names? That is not classy.
Have I called you anything disrespectful? Please be respectful.

I'm calling it like it is
Sorry you take offense to being called an idiot. Would you rather be called intellectually challenged?

Actually, I take it back, I'm not sorry you're offended.

You are a class act.
Would you mind moving to another site instead of polluting this site with your rudeness. It reflects poorly on the site and Red Raiders in general. I have not once insulted you, but you continue to attack me. That is not polite.

If you don't like it come up with something better to avoid being called out
You brought a big bag of nothing to bag on our coach. I called you out for your lack of intelligent argument. Sorry you're feeling got hurt.

Are you saying I lack intelligence because I disagree with you?

Your basic argument is that is that if someone doesn't agree with you then they are an "idiot" or they are "stupid". You can only deal with people who disagree with you by calling them names. Is that polite? Is that classy? Is that intelligent?

Not at all. I'd love to have a discussion about this
But when bring nothing to the table I will call you on it. You didn't bring a single fact to back up your stupid opinion.And please can it with the classy talk

You sound like a damn aggy

Your coach? You pay his salary?

He's the coach of my school's team so yeah
As a donor to the RRC and Tech I would guess I help pay it indirectly.

OSU is pretty damn good. They are undefeated for a number of reasons.

We are not that far away. Still need more players.

I wish I shared your optimism. You're a good fan.

Matt Rhule of Temple
$1,500,000/yr and can coach a team to defend

It's not X & O on D
It's the personnel

like Brewer and Mayfield?

They were here.

They played D?

Let's see if we can take a win or two from here.
The rest of the teams on the schedule are more at our talent level.

We are in our third year of this regime
it's no longer Tubb's guys

Hmmm... I'm not a math major but
You're wrong.

Total agreement on the latter

Glad you understand the foundation should be upper classmen
Thus tuberfail's failures are still haunting us

Worst defense in school history?


Yeah this kind of hurts...
Don't need Tubbs but sometimes I wish Prunty was still helping us recruit. Never thought it would turn around this year but felt we would progress and I think we have. I expect to improve next year to the point where we can perform like we all want enough to turn around some more games.

Who did Prunty bring in?
The failure to recruit well on D is what's causing these outcomes?

The only good d players Prunty brought transferred out

I may be wrong but it seems too me 1 good upperclassmen at down line, lb and de would completely change the d.

I guess that's why I'm confused about why you want Prunty
He's a bad coach and an overrated recruiter


Go Wazzu!