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Player of The Game Week 9

J.W. Walsh and James Washington (JW2?) lead the nominations after another gutty road win.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After another wild Saturday we need your vote for Player of The Game. We should've seen the J.W. Walsh takeover coming, it was already written. Somewhere in the future I'm telling my grandkids all about the legend. I'll also tell them about the James Washington's jet like double reverse touchdown and the freakish display of work that Emmanuel Ogbah is putting on display. Let's get to this weeks player of the game nominees!

J.W. Walsh - The General. J.W. Patton. Just Win Walsh. When things seem to get rocky, he's there to right the ship. He's the Ace in Mike Yurcich's pocket. Mason Rudolph could've thrown for an easy 400 in this game but I don't know if we win the game. The switch to Walsh provided the rushing element that was necessary to sway the game in the favor of the Pokes. It was huge. His 73 yard touchdown pass to James Washington and his 64 yard rush were the two longest offensive plays on the day. The effort on this play sums up Walsh in my opinion:

Game Stats:

James Washington - I know we have a loaded receiving core but when we truly need an explosive play it has to be 28's number being called. Yeah, Glidden is money on third down and has been clutch all season but when you need a big explosive play Washington is the guy. When he turned the corner on the double reverse I was hoping for a nice first down run, then he hit the jets and left the Tech defenders in the dust. He has an extra gear and it was on full display on his reverse and the long reception from Walsh. The incomplete Hail Mary at the end of the first half could've been caught by Washington as well.

Game Stats: Four receptions for 200 yards and two touchdowns.

Tre Flowers - Flowers was flying around the field today, and has all season. He's really helped solidify an already good secondary. He's also done a tremendous job of finishing tackles - he wraps up. He set his career high in solo tackles versus Texas Tech and will be a key cog as the Cowboys head down the stretch run.

Game Stats: 11 (goodness) solo tackles, one assisted tackle for 12 total tackles.

Emmanuel Ogbah - Ogbah was Ogbah. He is so good. There was a play where he rushed Pat Mahomes and ended up bringing Mahomes to the ground just after he had gotten the pass off and Ogbah had this look of "it's nothing personal, this is my business". The Pokes have a pro playing defensive end for them this season. There are little things he does on a weekly basis that make him great and we'll greatly miss when he's playing on Sunday's. His stats this game we're what some players would consider a great game, but with Ogbah it's become normal. We expect it.

Game Stats: Four solo tackles, three assisted tackles, seven total tackles, two tackles for loss and one sack.

Vincent Taylor - Taylor has been a key cog in the middle for the Big 12's best defensive line. He provides the push necessary to help free up the outside pass rush. Before the season started we talked about how defensive tackle was an area of concern and if we found a couple guys to fill in for the graduated Castleman the defensive line could be very good. Well, to this point Taylor has filled in admirably. As usual with defensive tackles, the stats don't tell the full story. His fumble recovery helped salt the game away in the final minutes.

Game Stats: Two solo tackles, two total tackles, one fumble recovery and one quarterback hurry.

Who was this week's player of the game? Get your vote in below!