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CRFF WEEK 10 BIG 12 POWER POLL: King is a Sooner Fan

At least for this week.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor will make you do strange things. Really strange things....oh, and if you ever want to see King beg, be sure to read #8...


1: OSU- Well that was exciting wasn't it?

2: OU- If you win I'll sing Boomer Sooner live on PFJ. I mean it. I've never wanted you to win a game so badly.

3: BU- Well, you've finally got to start playing someone.

4: TCU- Well, it was good for me.

5: WVU- Hey, a win.

6: UT- Kansas makes everyone feel better.

7: Tech- Hey, a loss.

8: ISU- I swear to God, you just lay back and take it Saturday and it'll all be over soon. Consider this, after what happened to your program after the last time you beat us, you'll lose not only your football team but probably basketball as well, so just take the damn loss.

9: KSU- Showed some fight, almost enough.



1. OSU...All the Kool-Aid.

2. Baylor...75 years. Oh, and I'm rooting for OU.

3. OU...You're up next. Please don't take a Texas size shit in your diaper this Saturday, ok?

4. TCU...Love the class, tremendous fan base. The defensive injuries finally caught up, you knew November was going to be tough, but it's a long way from over.

5. WV...Your October gauntlet is over, and now you get the soft underbelly of your conference schedule. Enjoy.

6. TTech...Might as well just put 11 guys on the line on defense, cuz the Purple Wizard is coming to town with 92 running quarterbacks.

7. Iowa State...nothing silly next Saturday, you hear? Oh, and Squinky thinks the game is in Moscow, so don't be counting on him to show up in his vacation home.

8. Texas...Can't believe you didn't carry Charlie off the field.

9. Kansas State...A valiant effort, but the mystery play calls still baffle me.

10. Kansas...Sorry, I was wrong. Even Texas' offense can score a million on you.