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Two things that are hard to do...a committee ranking college football teams without getting criticized....and me trying to say Kyle's last name...

So technology was not our friend tonight, as the YouTube video and audio decided to not work in tandem, so you get about 13 seconds of dead air to start, then you also get some of our pre-broadcast audio (nothing fun, sorry). So pretty much ignore the video.

Big thanks to NewsOk's Kyle Fredrickson for taking a few minutes out of his busy schedule (and he's covering a top ranked undefeated college football team, so yes, his schedule is full). He's always got some good insight.

Some key points...

-Iowa is too high and OSU too low'
-OSU gets snubbed, CRFF might blow up;
-Big 12 gets snubbed, they add 2 teams before the playoff expands to 8 (and he likes Houston/BYU);
-As an OSU fan (not that Kyle is such. He's an alum, but more importantly he's an UNBIASED sports writer!), you gotta love the idea of a Bedlam winner take all for the Big 12 title and spot in the CFP;
-However, beating an undefeated Baylor squad in Stillwater would carry a lot of weight with the committee;
-This trip to Ames is actually nothing like the previous excursion;
-Sans turnovers, the Cowboys should win handily;

That's all for now. Look for Mark Rogers TV weekly Big 12 review Wednesday evening, and then what's looking like a crowded Picks From Joe's on Thursday evening.