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CRFF Roundtable - Deja vu?

The staff looks at Rudolph, the D and predictions for this weekend.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

So the Pokes are 9-0 and headed to Ames... Uh oh. The CRFF staff has some thoughts on the TCU win and this coming weekend. Share your answers in the comment section.

1) Wow, Mason Rudolph. This is the best he's ever looked as a Poke. Fluke or not?

2) This defense seems to be the one OSU needs to win the Big 12. Do you agree?

3) The return to Ames as an undefeated. What is your prediction?

Robert Whetsell

1) Screw everyone else. He's making up his own "reindeer" games.

2) Yes, if they win the Big 12.

3) Ulcers, hysteria, and a new post from Squinky.

OkState Gents

1) If that was a fluke, then we need that fluke to happen for 5 more games. I think he came out hot and stayed hot the entire game. He was making throws to not get taken out, which is a healthy competitive attitude to have.

2) I was scared about Bean going down, but this defense is looking like a plug and play type. Big 12 can't handle our D.

3) Massive hangover and a win.

Gallagher Martin

1) No, that wasn't a fluke. Mason throws a beautiful deep ball, and TCU's secondary was beat up and weak. Out of all the great quarterbacks OSU has had in recent memory, Rudolph has the potential to be the best.

2) It's the best defense in the Big 12 hands down. The front four would be terrifying to face, even without Bean. The secondary is fast and athletic, yes this is the defense OSU needs to win the Big 12.

3) First off, we all know what happened in 2011 on that day. That was also a primetime game on a Friday night. How many top three teams go on the road on a Thursday or Friday night and don't struggle? Also something that seems to not be mentioned, is that Iowa State was a bowl team that year. They had like 7 wins or something. This team does not. Oklahoma State will take care of business.

Nick Tyler

1) It wasn't a fluke. It was a combination of TCU's pass defense and Mason's skills. That's the beauty of the two QB system. They can adjust to whatever the defense gives them.

2) If OSU is going to win the Big 12, the defense has to play like that the rest of the way (especially versus Baylor and OU).

3) This is probably Gundy and Co.'s best coaching job. They will have this team prepared to go in there and avoid a repeat of 2011. The Cowboys roll.

Kyle Cox

1) No fluke. I firmly believe that if it were not for Oklahoma State's rushing handicap, Mason Rudolph would have 10 more touchdowns on the year. They have to play Walsh. Now if they didn't have to play him, would OSU be undefeated? Maybe not. Trotting out two different offenses seems to be a problem for opposing defenses. But Rudolph is still a sophomore and should set this league on fire next year.

2) Yes, I agree. This defense is very good. I still think they are the best in the Big XII because of their proven depth. At this point, not winning the league championship would be a disappointment in my book.

3) I think the ‘Clones keep it interesting for a bit but OSU pulls away in the third. There is going to be some natural dumbing down but the Pokes snap out of it pretty quick. Gundy gives the Power-I some burn against a weak rushing defense and the Cowboys win 32-15.

Cade Webb

1) No way that was a fluke. I've been waiting to see how he handles the spotlight, and against TCU, he was masterful. He has the opportunity to become the next great OSU QB. I think he continues to grow, and put his stamp on the program.

2) If the defense played like that against TCU (I think TCU has a much better offense than Baylor/OU), then I can't wait to see what they can do against Jarrett Stidham...

3) I would hope that the coaches and players understand that ISU will come out looking for an upset, but I don't think they get close. Pokes got extra motivation from the CFP rankings. OSU 42-ISU 17.