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Fourth Grade J.W. Walsh Was Just As Fantastic

Fourth grade J.W. Walsh understands life better than some of us.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows J.W. Walsh. The true Cowboy who stayed at OSU despite having the opportunity to transfer and start elsewhere.

He's been perfect for the Cowboys and compliments Mason Rudolph well. Today, this came out.

This is perfect. What's the worst decision you ever made? Probably buying that last drink at the bars. For Walsh, it's throwing an interception. The hardest decision for fourth grade J.W. Walsh was running the veer. Now, Walsh is a coaches son, so it's not a huge surprise that every single answer on a school worksheet in fourth grade has to do with football. But it's perfect.

We're at least 90 percent sure J.W. would answer every one of these questions with the same response if you gave him this today.