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CRFF Week 11 Picks From Joe's

Once again technology gets in the way, and I don't know what day it is. Just another day for us...

Well boys and girls, we were supposed to have boys and girls on the show, but that didn't work out. Maybe it's for the best, and Denise Lowery's debut should maybe be saved for the likes of Baylor visiting Stillwater, and not the Cyclones in Ames.

King's microphone was probably manufactured in Waco, but Pokelahoma did have orange on (I think). I quickly forgot what day it was, and found out I can't read with or without my glasses.

What a night. Anyway, we all think the Cowboys should get an easy win against Iowa State, Pokelahoma is a bit conflicted about his feelings on who should win between Baylor and OU, King has no such conflict (and once again produced some artwork, this time from a computer, to demonstrate his feelings), and I'm not very impressed with the CFP committee.