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Iowa State Defensive Preview: Have You Chilled Yet?

The other day I instructed the masses to take a moment and just relax. Did you do it? How did you feel? Do you feel liberated? Here's a Iowa State defense preview to ease your mind further.

Dale Pierson will try to be an issue for Mason Rudolph, Saturday in Ames.
Dale Pierson will try to be an issue for Mason Rudolph, Saturday in Ames.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Slight Work:

The Iowa State defense has done plenty this season on their respective side of the ball. More particularly, the second and third levels of the Cyclone defense have had plenty of work. The top two leading tacklers for the Cyclones, safety Qujan Floyd and corner Brian Peavy, together have tackled the ball carrier 159 times. That is 18 percent of the teams tackles. Oh and by the way, 47 different players have registered a tackle this season for the 'clones. Understandably so that is including special teams and offensive players on turnovers but they represent a small portion in these statistics. Suffice it to say that the passing game, whether it be Mason Rudolph or J.W. Walsh chuckin' the ball around, should have ample chance to be successful Saturday in Ames. Also, remember that the offense has continued to evolve in the last several weeks. If the "Lightspeed" tempo is used like it has been, then not only will the Cyclone DB's be working harder than everyone else, but there will be breakaway plays because of how gassed they will be. Think James Washington vs. Tech gassed.

The Intimidator:

Good ol' Dale. I know it's not THAT Dale, but defensive end Dale Pierson may as well be called the intimidator as well. (I'll await the NASCAR fan hate mail) Better yet, Pierson has better numbers than THE TOO TALL JONES LOOKIN BUM that plays in Waco. Seven-and-a-half sacks this season for the former JUCO transfer from Pasadena, California and 3.5 more tackles-for-loss in the backfield. Trust me, as long as there are guys that have better numbers than the overhyped meme-star, I will make note of it in each of my defensive previews. It's all to prove a point that I made back in the spring when the love-fest started. Victor Salako and Zach Crabtree need to be ready, because sacks may be the only reason Mason Rudolph can make a mistake in the passing game this week. And let me tell you why!

Good News Everyone:

The Cyclone DB's have only nabbed four interceptions all season. This is game 10. I going to bet those passes were world-class bad to have them be caught by the overworked 'clone safeties and corners. Last week the Cowboy's offense played its most complete and clean game of the season. Now time and time again, I fall for the trick of thinking that a game will ever follow a script. All that said barring anything Earth-shattering Rudolph & Co. SHOULD be fine come days end. Still though, Rudolph has yet to have a road affair without some booboo that could spark some adversity. Could it finally end here? Could Rudolph throw over 300 yards, more than one TD and zero interceptions? I won't answer it because that's what Squinky wants, but I'll say that I feel good about it.

Coffelt's Picks:

Everyone has brought up 2011 this week, but they forget about 2013 when OSU stomped a damn mud hole in the Cyclones in Ames. Desmond Roland had himself a day that game. Ah memories. Running the ball is fun when done right yanno? Cowboys ride in and ride out, no questions asked. Final score: 38-14 Cowboys. What a ride it could end up being after that. See ya next week pals!