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Four years ago the Cowboys came to Ames undefeated and in the middle of a national title race. Let's hope that's where the comparison ends.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It's a full day for the Big 12, and another marquee match up is featured in Waco as OU tries to knock Baylor from the list of undefeated teams and announce their presence as a viable one loss team in the college football playoff discussion. ESPN Game Day will be there. The possibility of great signage is high.

Adding to the drama of the day, OSU returns to the scene of one of the biggest upsets ever in college football. This time, however, the circumstances are drastically different.

There wasn't a university tragedy the night before, and this team brings the #2 defense in the Big 12 to Ames. Throw in a couple of coaches and players (namely Walsh) who were here that fateful Friday night (another difference...this is a day game), and these Cowboys should have no trouble being focused.

While the defense is making an name for itself, the offense has also come alive, putting up 59, 70, and 49 points in their last three games. With one minor hiccup in the TCU game, Mike and Mike seem to have perfected their coordination of Rudolph/Walsh.

Gametime is 3:30pm Eastern on ESPN. Radio can be heard here.

The other game of intrigue is obviously OU at Baylor at 8pm Eastern on ABC, which has major implications for the Big 12 race. OSU fans are somewhat split on who they are rooting for, but the majority are looking for a Baylor win that would effectively put the winner of next week's game in Stillwater in the driver's seat, and possibly lock up the title depending on other conference outcomes.

The other Big 12 games are:

Kansas at TCU...12pm Eastern on FS1
Texas at West Virginia...12pm Eastern on ESPNU
Kansas State at Texas Tech...3:30pm Eastern on FS1

Outside of that, the best chance of a result that could positively affect either the Baylor/OU winner or OSU would be #2 Alabama at Mississippi State game at 3:30pm Eastern on CBS.

Other top teams playing today:

#1 Clemson at Syracuse...3:30pm Eastern on ABC/ESPN2
#3 Ohio State at Illinois...12pm Eastern on ABC
#4 Notre Dame vs Wake Forest...3:30pm Eastern on NBC
#7 Stanford vs Oregon...7:30pm Eastern on FOX
#5 Iowa vs Minnesota...8pm Eastern on BTN

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