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Game Day Mailbag - J.W. and Mason at the same time?

To pass some time

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who need something to pass the time with until Oklahoma State takes on Iowa State, here's this weeks mailbag.

I read somewhere that Iowa would be the underdog against all the teams in the top 15. I'm sure that they wouldn't be able to beat OU, OSU, Baylor or (healthy) TCU. I'd feel comfortable that WVU and KSU would be able to steal a win. Other than that Iowa would probably be fine.

Root for chaos. For real though, I'm not sure. Oklahoma can steal the win, it all depends on how Stidham plays, in my opinion. I sort of want OU to win so OSU is the last undefeated Big 12 team.

I want Walsh as the halfback in the pistol with Jarwin the fullback to the right of Rudolph. After the snap, Rudolph fakes the handoff to Jarwin and runs an option with Walsh. The flick to Walsh can either be taken for a run or Walsh throwing it deep to Washington who burnt his corner because he bit on the option run.

Twenty percent.

The Iowa State back is great. However, their rush defense is nothing. I think OSU surprises some and gets some good runs.

I want a flea flicker. On the flea flicker, you've got Glidden running a post, Washington running a wheel and Ateman running a seam on the opposite side. That's three deep targets for Rudolph, who has developed quite a deep ball.