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Halftime Recap - This Isn't Good

Oklahoma State hasn't looked good on defense this half and it's starting to look like anarchy may be starting in Ames.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

First Quarter

The game started off swell. ESPN made sure to hit on the 2011 fiasco about five times before Iowa State got the ball to start the game. Then, they looked as if it was Red Baylor out there as Oklahoma State had it's typical slow start on defense.

Rudolph would come out looking as if he should take a page from Viking quarterback Teddy Bridgewaters book and use gloves by fumbling on a play action look. Rudolph would recover and lead the Cowboys to a touchdown to even up the score 7-7.

The next three drives weren't fair, for the Cowboys. Iowa State's offense continued to look unstoppable as they drove for a touchdown and a field goal to make it 17-7 ISU with three minutes left. What was surprising was the touchdown Lanning threw to his receiver. The catch looked like an undeniable touchdown at first, but the Big 12 referees made an appearance and gave the Pokes the benefit of the doubt, forcing the Cyclones to go for the field goal.

To end the first quarter, OSU made some moves and would get to the red zone again where OSU fans would wee J.W. Walsh for the first time. After a run on third and short, Walsh seemed to be limping.

Second Quarter

The quarter started with a Ben Grogan that went wide left to keep the score 17-7. The Cowboys were not looking good. Iowa State continued to take advantage of what was looking like a flaccid OSU defense, driving down the field for a score to make it 24-7. Lanning and Warren are good. The upset alerts are flying. This team does not look the same as it did last week.

At this point Iowa State had four drives, all of them scoring, of 80, 41, 75 and 94 yards. For the second time in a few weeks, the Cowboys defense put them down 24-7 on the road in the first half. Thankfully for the Pokes Rudolph and Walsh have ice in their veins because they needed it on consecutive third down conversions.

The thing is they would need at least one more and Rudolph had it in him, hitting MVP Marcel Ateman on the left sideline to put the Cowboys on the two yard line. Enter J.W. Walsh, who would hand it off to Chris Carson for the second OSU score of the day and his first since UTSA to make it 24-14, ISU lead.

Ogbah would make the play we have all become accustomed to, adding one more sack to his season total on third and seven. The half would end at 24-14.