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Second Half Recap - Somehow Oklahoma State Won This Game

The cardiac Cowboys were back and no one wanted them here. If you have no idea what happened in the first half, check here.

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The first half was full of "what" moments as the Cowboys defense looked like it had stolen a play out of Texas Tech's book and decided not to show up. Now the Cowboys are down and they have to find a way to swing the momentum in the right direction. Oklahoma State will start the half with the ball.

Third Quarter 24-14 ISU

On the first drive of the half, Oklahoma State would have to see a fourth and very short, where Walsh would make a decision to run for it, because fourth grade J.W. would be so proud. Marcel Ateman continued to have a monster night as he caught a third and long pass to put the offense on the one yard line so Walsh could put it into the endzone and make it 24-21.

The Oklahoma State defense seemed to fall a part as it allowed the first third down conversion. However, the next one on third and one stuck Mike Warren behind the first down marker, making it fourth and short. The referees would need to check it however, resulting in another fourth and short that would be converted by Warren, who is obviously the best freshman in the league. This drive has lasted more than four minutes at this point. The defense buckled down on first and second down next to bring up third and 11 and would eventually cause the punt that touched a blocking Cowboy, giving it to the Cyclones.

Or so we thought.

The video angle that ESPN provided looked as if No. 12 Kirk Tucker had hit the ball with his leg, making it a live ball. After further review, it was proved that an ISU player hit the ball with his helmet, therefore it was Oklahoma State ball. Blake Jarwin would give up a fumble on the drive though, giving ISU the ball at the Cowboy 38.

Iowa State would try to score on the next play but Michael Hunter would force an incompletion, injuring his knee on the way down. Joel Lanning made OSU pay on third and long, putting the Cyclones in the red zone and running it in from 21 yards out on the next play to make it 31-21. An unsportsmanlike conduct flag would mean 15 yards would be taken away from the ISU kick.

31-21 ISU 2:04 Left in the Third.

Oklahoma State stared its next drive at the 35 yard line. This was the biggest drive of the game and it was still the third quarter. Nothing came out of the drive as Rudolph missed Washington on a double move on third and long. The third quarter would end badly for the Cowboys as they were down again in a place and situation that was all to familiar.

Fourth Quarter 31-21 ISU Lead

The Cowboy offense seems to have shown no quit, even down by 10. The Pokes drove down field as Walsh would run a quarterback reed in for the touchdown to make it 28-31. The Cowboys seriously needed a stop on the next drive.

Defense held its own, forcing a punt and giving OSU the ball with the chance to take the lead for the first time all day, only one problem

They needed 84 yards.

Oklahoma State would score on a J.W. Walsh touchdown throw to Jeff Carr, much like the touchdown against TCU last week when Rudolph threw it to Carr.

35-31 Oklahoma State lead with 3:06 left

Iowa State had the ball with just over three minutes left. Then the offense finally looked like a team that was 3-6. A failed fourth down conversion gave the ball back to Oklahoma State with 2:05 left, enter J.W. Walsh.

REMINDER: Oklahoma State is up 38-31 at this point if Grogan makes the kick earlier

Walsh would run the next two plays, which would turn into third and 13 with 1:56 left on the clock. The next play was very questionable as Oklahoma State kept Walsh in and ran it up the middle to bring up fourth down. This showed trust in the OSU defense, giving the Cyclones the ball on the five yard line with 1:44 left.

The Cowboys defense proved itself, with the first career interception for Jordan Sterns, intercepting Joel Lanning on the first pass attempt of the drive. The Oklahoma State Cowboys are 10-0 and it doesn't make that much sense.

The Big 12 title runs through Stillwater, Oklahoma.