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Let the Baylor hate commence...

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

We talked about it all offseason, and now here it is.

This is gonna be a fun week...


1: OSU- I don't care why, how, or who, but by God we beat those red devils at their house. Finally.

2: OU- Thank you. Also I noticed the return of the gooners, which would normally piss me off but against that team, well, I'll allow it.

3: TCU- Godspeed on the devils thunder.

4: WVU- I bet Dana has never wanted to see Halloween so badly.

5: Tech- Going bowling, a step forward.

6: KSU- Going way backwards

7: UT- Hey there, you wanna soda?

8: ISU- So I don't wanna be crass, but, oh **** it- Hahahahahahahaha finally the demons are gone.

9: BU- Do you feel that? I'm talking to you Shawn Oakman, all the situps in the world can't erase that feeling. It's failure, that horrible feeling. It's you standing still taking your 25th play off as they score the dagger. I can't wait for you to meet a real defensive end.

10: KU- So very very close, and yet........


1. OSU...You made me cry. Didn't realize I still had that much latent emotion left over from 2011. If that was my reaction to this game, what the hell is going to happen to me the next two weeks?

2. OU...Alright now, we still need to take care of business this week so Bedlam will be one of the biggest ever.

3. Baylor...Unlike King, I'm going to keep you here. I'm too superstitious to put you where you and your dirty program, coach, and players belong. I so hope somebody pancakes that phony Oakman, but I realize it will be hard to do because he's rarely around the play.

4. TCU...I'm not sure it's possible to lose as many key players to injury as you have. Thanks for managing not to flush the Big 12 down the toilet Saturday.

5. West Virginia...November is feeling a whole lot nicer than October, right?

6. Texas Tech...Unlike our visit to Lubbock, you managed to hang on this time. Welcome to bowl eligibility.

7. Iowa State...Thanks for that mystery 3rd and 1 call.

8. Texas...Charlie could be the only coach to get carried off the field and then carried out of town in the same season.

9. Kansas State...Well this is the exact opposite of what we expected from a Bill Snyder team.

10. Kansas..."You can touch it, smell it, taste it so sweet. But it makes no difference cuz it knocks you off your feet."