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Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State: As Told By Cyclone Fans

A 17-point blown lead did not go over well with Iowa State fans

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

OSU travels to Ames undefeated. What could go wrong right? The Cowboys got more than they bargained for against Iowa State once again, giving OSU fans everywhere flashbacks of 2011. However, this time around the game was the complete opposite of the 2011 fiasco. After trailing 24-7 late in the first half, and 31-21 heading into the 4th quarter, the Cowboys found a way to once again escape with a road victory.

The Iowa State fans were loving every minute of the first half (and rightfully so). As things begin to unravel in the 2nd half, the good people over at Wide Right and Natty Light began to lose it. While we can certainly relate to 4th quarter collapses, the game thread made for some entertaining reading.



Time's up lets do this

What a lovely day to beat down a cowboy

There's a 99.9% chance that Iowa State gets their asses beat.

Hey, way to go Riot Bros!

That oughta seal out any chances of Texas making a bowl

Yeah fuck texas. Nice job WV


Quiet ass game thread today

Quiet ass attendance.


We blew our load last week

Anyone use watch ESPN? Also ever used p90x? I swear the music used for commercial breaks is the same track p90x menu used back in the day.

It's time, it's time ITS LANNING TIME!!!

There's been enough 2011 references to chug a beer. Drink up

Let's whoop these assless chap wearing cowgirls

1st and 10 at OKST 24
(13:10 - 1st) Joel Lanning 24 Yd Run (Cole Netten Kick)  (OSU 0 ISU 7)

1000 yards that's some good shiznit


Lanram says later jerk offs

What is this socercy?!?!?!?!

Went out, got the mail, came back to a Cyclone touchdown. The hell just happened?


Nice start boys

How many opening drive TD do we have over the last 6 years?

We footballed!

We fielded a team! That's all you can really ask for. Anything else is just greedy.

Joel Lanning's fake handoffs last so long you'd swear they were a breaking Madden glitch

Iowa State scored before there were 20 comments on this thread. No way that's not a record.

ISU comment threads where history happens

Johnny Majors update in next MMD. Anything else is unprofessional.

Too painful. Too soon!

Also, I'm taking credit as this is my first game watch and game thread all season

That's how you do it. I still think OSU's defense is more what they showed in the Tech game than against TCU.

And there it goes. Blew our load first drive


Whelp, that was more missed tackles than I wanted to see on their first play...

Here comes a 15 yd cushion

Oh shit the D feeling froggy

Tribune wasn't playing like he trusted his safety over the top on that last play. Didn't back-pedal too much, just wasn't willing to risk breaking on the ball at the line.. :disappointed:

Let's go fuckers

3rd and 8 at ISU 16
(9:44 - 1st) Marcell Ateman 16 Yd pass from Mason Rudolph (Ben Grogan Kick)  (OSU 7 ISU 7)

Well shit

Ah, but it took more than 2 minutes for them to score! Clearly we win!


How many times has that happened to Tribune this season? Good god.

Well shit. There's the D we know and love.

Alright, Tribune is apparently overmatched against Aikman. Didn't look like he had any idea where the ball was until it was way too late.

Looks like we might have to make sure we always have some help on him.

their receivers are going to manhandle our secondary I can see it already

Yeah that's gonna be a problem

Nigel Tribune not covering anything. Newspaper Journalism is dead

Not enough twitter followers

The most pungent and vile excrement! These cowgirls are a collection of ninnies! Performing coitus with their bovine, that also happen to be their mothers!

Long fucking day for the secondary

I thought Tribue was good. Lately he's blown donkey dick

WVU fan here. Watching you guys play for the second time this year (LOVED THE Texas game), and it's really hard to understand how you guys are 3-6. It looks like you have a fairly respectable defense, and that running back looks tough. Gonna need all that and then some today against the pokes. Good luck!

Cheers riot bro

It's been better since we ditched Mangino.


Lol. Nice fail

Cock sucking titty fucking Christ we can't chuck the ball backwards correctly

At least we're trying. That was still a bad fuck up though.

Warren has more than 1,000 yards this season.


Warren fixed that shit quick

That lateral return play was a nice call


Hey guy. Lanning will run your ass over

I wish Skylar Howard could run like that lol

Look what I found

Someone teach Lanram how to fucking slide

I like it better when he puts the safety on their back.

Lanram's spirit animal is a bus.

Grown-ass fuckin' man, that Lazard! are you 3-6? Lol

Baylor, TCU. Mind fucjed on TTU. Blew Toledo game. Competitive w Iowa. Oh and OU is a near guarantee loss year over year.

I feel ya. F U Stoops

1st and 10 at OKST 24
(6:58 - 1st) Allen Lazard 24 Yd pass from Joel Lanning (Cole Netten Kick)  (OSU 7 ISU 14)



Lazard goes beastmode

Dragging bitches to the end zone

Fuckity fuckity fuck yeah!

Weird shit happens in Ames Iowa and sometimes it involves football

This is like an actual offense with LANRAM at the helm....and minus Mangino.

94 yards like it's nothing QBs and receivers just running over their dudes

Don't forget warren slicing 25yds off on the first play. And Thomas catching the boink ball

There are just too many good plays to keep track of

Thank you for the reminder.

LANRAM. By air, by land, currently waiting for him to kick Okie Pokie ass by sea.

LanRam shoving his dick down Okie Lite's throat.

I love it. Gimme some more!

Rec, but would not watch.

Can't tell if I should be happy we are winning, or mad for making the Big 12 look bad...

Happy. Always be happy we are winning. Okie State was never gonna jump Baylor

Personally, for me ISU >> Big 12

However, I'm fairly contrarian and sometimes I just want to watch the world burn (figuratively speaking)

Happy. This is our destiny to ruin everything.

Yup; the BigXII doesn't deserve nice things.

We are the turd in the Big 12 punch bowl. We ruin everything

If we win out suddenly we're another "quality win" for Baylor

and Iowa

Gundy. I love that creeping into the back of his brain is this thought that ...oh fuck.

O line making the the cowpies their bitch

Tucker going apeshit

You've been...Tuckerstruck!

You've been Tuckerfucked?

I approve this AC/DC pun.

Carson really dropped the ball there. /badjoke

3 man rush gets pressure!

That drop across the middle happened a lot in 2011

Is this real life?

Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a LANRAMslide

Who's taking who in the Big game tonight?


Operation Fuck You Big 12 in full effect

Oh baby! Keep giving it to them!!!

I just want to see Okie Lites mascot fall on his face

Creepy bastard

Okie light's Pistol Pete is about as creepy as the Burger King mascot. Same dazed-sex-offender-on-botox look in the face

What the hell did someone dowith my football team?

3rd and Lanning time. ChoooChoooo you're on the tracks

Fuckity fuckity fuck yeah!

WTF is going on?


Dreams of a bowl game floating in my head

Stop it just stop it now

Much better than sugar plums

My god Lanning is fucking Oklahoma State up their ass with a massive cow dick

I have such a hard on right now.

I like how this is just an honest confession!

Get vangundy his man lube

This has been the best 1st quarter of ISU football ever

Here comes the fuckover by the refs?

think the reversal is correct actually

I respectfully disagree, but I am a bit biased.

I guess I saw the corner of the ball hit the ground

You guess? That ain't good enough.

I shouldn't have said "guess". I thought it hit the ground pretty clearly. But the game goes on!

Explain please?

One of the camera angles pretty clearly showed the tip of the ball hitting the ground, in my opinion. But I don't want to be hated

Wrong place bro...Politely....GTFO

Liberty is all right. No problem with dissenting opinions. We asked him to clarify. Not like he's a troll.

I know, that's why I disclaimered with politely. It's all good... Just need to get the anger out somewhere.

We're all friends! Also, Karma'd OSU for that call. I think the football gods have spoken.

Luv ya bro! Way to stick up for the little kid! But y'all are right this isn't the best place to talk these nuances.


Did we steal Okie's secret stuff? Or did they snort blow before the game?

Either way, Lanning is dick slapping Okie State all over the field

Guys, don't get too excited. But we're on pace for 900 yards of offense today.


Dear refs....Go die.

I'm a captioner. My fingers are faster than yours.

BigXII refs strike again!

Here we go. Fucked by the officials again

Bend over gang -y'all clearly got screwed by the refs on that reversal. That was a clear catch.

Big 12 Refs cock-juggling thundercunts!

Thundercunt solid

How the fuck do you overturn that. No way there was indisputable evidence.

Fuck all refs!!!!!!! Cumquadt fuck sticks

refs can eat a bag of dicks

indisputable, my ass!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck goddamn big 12 operation fuck over Iowa State in full effect

Hang another on the fucking wall

Fuck the Big 12 Refs

"This can't be happening, let's fix it" -Big 12 refs

Tough to win a game playing 11 vs. 19

amen to that

After further review, the refs are shitmonkey cumquats.

We will need a bigger wall than the great wall of China soon

Fuck the Refs Fuck you you fucking fuckers.

Ref is a new swear jar word

It should be.. Fuck these useless pieces of fucking shit

It wasn't before?!

Is it bad that I'm not even mad?

4th and 2 at OKST 3
(3:04 - 1st) Cole Netten 21 Yd Field Goal (OSU 7 ISU 17)

Now it's personal. Time for our guys to let it all hang out on the field.

What's the goddamn reason for instant replay. To make sure the refs do their job and fuck overthrow cyclones. Get em Jamie

Just checking in to see if everyone else thought that was a terrible overturn of a touchdown. Yup, carry on.

Did you expect any different?

National media chiming in on twitter to call it terrible

Saw Pat Forde call it strange. Reminded me that he still owes us beers.

Need to stop missing on first contact

Fuck those Big 12 cocksucking ass pirates refs

Fuck the Big 12 refs with the Oakland Raiders

refs don't want ok state to lose

They've been getting questionable calls all year. Too many to be coincidence.

So you're saying T-Boone's $$ is finally paying off?

Need to check bank accounts for transfers from T. Boone Pickens

We need those kids from that San Antonio high school

True story, when I first heard about that, I withheld judgment until I heard what the refs did.

3 more quarters to win

Fuck the refs Has anyone said that yet? Just making sure.

Nope. Fuck the refs

Fuck the refs. Now with more feeling

Awesome first quarter completely ravaged my expectations!

Pretty sure the refs went to Iowa for one semester then graduated from Kirkwood

I feel dirty and used...Those refs didn't even give us a reach around....pervert bastards. I hope we wipe our bloody dick on them once it's cutoff by OkSt due to this malicious intent and gross corruption

Fuck the referees. Fuck the referees coming straight from the jack, always gotta put a cyclone down. Fuck...fuck fuck the referees

I get the fealing they were on the phone with the conference office during that review

It wont be good for the conference if we knock off OSU

well despite the typical big 12 bullshit calls we have definitely played well so far.

I just posted a new definition of Big 12 refs on urban dictionary-we will see if it gets accepted.

Fuck the Big 12 and theirs god damn awful ass clown officiating crews who are on their fucking hands and knees human centipeding the schools with money.



Big 12 Refs: It's just never fucked up enough.

Goddamn it d keep these cow raping shit eaters out of the end zone

haha he curled into a ball

Luke knott has no memory of 2011. Except playing and winning the Missouri State Championship that night. Do your homework fuckers

4th and 10 at ISU 11
(13:22 - 2nd) Ben Grogan 28 yd FG MISSED


Hahahaha Wide left!




Karma is a fucking bitch

Dare I say it....Wide Right lol


Did that go over the upright again?

How much longer until they start throwing PI flags to give OSU first downs?

late third quarter

Review that MFers

After further review...the ruling on the field is confirmed...Touchdown OSU.

Cowgirl kicker needs a jump


LANRAM!!! Bitches

Big 12 ref world We've got shirts of white black stripes too. We review plays just to fuck you and we say to our selves it's a Big 12 world

Lanram it down!

Man crushing hard on Lanning

Line picked up that blitz like ballers there. We used a D-lineman as an extra blocker on the LB on that huge scramble.

Cram it down their throats

Offense is like. Fuck the refs we will just ass rape the cowboys on the ground

They love the cock

Don't give me blue balls here..

Lanning is a fucking MAN!!!!!

Lanning just won't quit he's a certified badass

Do you know who I am? I'm the motherfucking Lanram

Wow. Screw Mangino. Lanning should have been playing all year.


1st and 0 at OKST 1
(9:29 - 2nd) Joshua Thomas 1 Yd Run (Cole Netten Kick) (OSU 7 ISU 24)

Wear those sirens out


Review THAT!

Try taking that away douchenozzels

Don't turn it over. Get first downs.

Win this game.

Fuckity fuckity fuck yeah!

I cant believe what im watching If we keep playing like this I dont think even big XII refs can rob us.

defense now.....

Rule of 24! Drink!

Operation BigXII chaos

Remember the fast start against TCU?
Remember the 2nd half against Baylor?
Remember the shutout of Texas?

We know this team can play.

Keep it going, men!

4 drives
6 plays, 75 yards, Touchdown
6 plays, 94 yards, Touchdown
6 plays, 53 yards, Touchdown Field Goal
11 plays, 80 yards, Touchdown

block in the back bottom of the screen

Block in the back on the return? Hello?

What the hell is going on there in Ames? Did the teams switch uniforms before the game? Virgin sacrifice? Soul sold to Satan?


D tackling???

What the fuck is going on here


that pile movement was rather embarassing

Stacked up for 5 seconds and didn't blow a whistle. Do these shitgoblins want people to get hurt?

I'm a captioner. My fingers are faster than yours.

Great fucking coverage Peavy

Good pass coverage? who are these guys??

The band sounds amazing!!!!

Is that guy's job to grab Wally's shirt And make sure he doesn't wander onto the field?

Gotta keep the 74 year old goblin safe

No review at least on that catch?

Thought the ball could have moved But, you know, why look?

I was a little surprised, but I think it would have been confirmed. Didn't look like he ever even picked up his one foot.

Wow looked like the entire o line dropped for a chop block

Guys we are tackling in space and shit!?!

need a stop here big time

I'm a man. I'll call time out

What the fuck is going on I came back from a birthday party and somehow it seems to be 2011.


Someone call Criss Angel. Cause you just got MINDFREAKED!

I haven't been impressed with Alabama's wide receivers all year...But what Ridley just did.... damn.

Also..If Tribune doesn't pull his head out of his ass he may single handedly keep OSU in this game and let them win it.


I'm sorry, but Tribune sucks.

Dude he gives up like 4", Tribune is solid its just a mismatch no matter who you match him up with

If this were the first game where he's looked lost, I'd agree with you.

Jesus he's good

Who is? Tribune? Not so much.

Their receiver who could finger bang a giraffe and still keep a foot in bounds

I thought I saw the very corner of his knee down before he got in

doesn't matter if it was or wasn't we'll never get the call

Big 12 refs got the call right because not Iowa State.

Review it! May as well fuck them too refs. Unless you're lubing up to come at us again.

Well. At least we'll still have a two touchdown 10 point lead.

Right? This game feels weird in a good way. Let's see what the offense does after a long ass break.

WTF are these announcers smoking? When did they change their mind on our touchdown? Must have gotten an envelope from T. Boone


2nd and 0 at ISU 1
(2:14 - 2nd) Chris Carson 1 Yd Run (Ben Grogan Kick) (OSU - 14 ISU 24)

Time for some more skull fucking from the offense

Yes indeed

Good run Ryen, good recovery Lazard you grown-ass man.

Lazard does a great job of watching for that when he blocks

que defensive lapse to end the 2nd quarter



And that's how we cede the momentum.

dammit If we give up a score, I will be pissed!

Yeah, someone from Okie State gave these announcers money. They're suddenly slobbering all over Cowboy dick.


I'm guessing there are very few former punters commenting here...So I'll just say, as a former punter, the feeling you get when you drop a punt like that is amazing. And it is also not easy.

In cyclone country we love our punters. They are our best offense most years

Punter U right? Gotta say, our punters aren't THAT good. They're good, but...meh.

Yea, but compared to our offense? They're good.

That's why I said most years. I'm checking all the way back to Walden's Offense

Quit sucking OSU cock announcers. You got some cowboy cum on your chin

So they called a timeout so they could take a knee. Way to waste everyone's time.


Good fucking half men

Goddamnit Coaches make fucking adjustments and don't screw the pooch

Their coaches will. Ours probably will not

But we dropped Mangino.

Your new name is amazing.

hah Thanks. I'm not super creative, so that was my best shot.

You mean we can't just quit and call this a moral victory? I'd like to get started gameplanning for a bowl.

Won the first half No doubt about it

I really want to believe but I'm afraid the coaching staff will find a way to fuck this one up like always

I'll say again...
Don't turn it over.
Get first downs.
Win game.

But also maybe find someone better than Tribune to play corner....wait, shit. We're screwed.

I think Aikman is just a really good WR.

Tribune just needs some actual safety help, which has been pretty deep and not much of a factor on those throws they've completed to him imho.

Those throws to the sideline you can't really rely safety help can you? I'm actually wondering. The most I know about football is how to punt it :smile:

I'm thinking if you cheat the safety over more to help negate the double move you can free up tribune to try to get underneath and disrupt the pass before it reaches Aikman. So, more than just usual safety help. Obviously that would leave some other holes though. But just my uninformed opinion.

For all that is holy. Please Wally and Stan make the right half time adjustments and do not zig directly into the Cowboys zag or worse yet just keep doing what you've been doing.

Well dang. I have to go to my daughter's choir concert. I didn't expect to be this happy. Now I have wait and watch the recording.

What's your number I'll text you the results. Just kidding don't put your number on this forum!

Bunch of degenerates, we are.

I would be so pissed! My mom and dad are alums and they used to call at the end of games and scream Go Cyclones if thy won. On more than one occasion this ruined my time shift. They are now trained

Do it, we'll be nice-ish...On second thought, ISU upsets trump choir. Can you use watchESPN?

Will only post one, maybe 2 ads. With the number on Craigslist casual encounters

And send you only 2, maybe 3 nudes. Brett Favre style. Don't forget, our jeans have a U-shape. More room for your package.

I feel like I've seen this movie. OSU scores after half and we cling to the lead but ultimately this ends in heartbreak.

Nailed it


Let's come out strong

Held us and we still fucking stuffed that ass

Unsung hero so far is the Kickoff coverage. They have given us GREAT field position

Tucker the Fucker of your QB!!!

Tucker is not impressed by your scramble.

Tucker the new Terminator. T-2015

I'd take a T-1000 though...If it were legal to have blade hands.

Dammit called that before they even snapped it 1 on 1 coverage will not cut it

Fuck. We are Iowa State again


que turnover

Good job D!


Crizzlepap!! That means "fuck".




Ghosts of the grass strike again


make a fucking 3rd down stop im begging you

Need a fucking turnover

3rd and long we're fucked


It's like Duck Hunt


Was there most of the drive. Not that last play though.

You mean the refs are helping Okie Light? Fucking shocked

Stop fucking giving up 3rd and fucking long

God fucking dammit

1-1 is not cutting it with Aikman on those... I don't know what we need to do, but something needs to happen

I know we have to cover the whole field but we realy do need to double him whenever possible otherwise he will win this game by himself

If your name is Sam Richardson your ass belongs on the bench. I haven't missed #4 at all this season

Fuck this goddamn shit loving song too

Luke Bryan embodies everything that is douchey

Oh, another country song about trucks.

1st and 0 at ISU 1
(8:44 - 3rd) J.W. Walsh 1 Yd Run (Ben Grogan Kick) (OSU 21 ISU 24)

LOLz announcers "moral victory". Well, Iowa State made them take seven minutes to score"

Damn it time to return fire

Awwww piss out my ass....this dildo of reality is going to hurt. Now we are going to get skullfucked so hard we'll be able to tell our children the time we watched our asses be kicked.

And the refs have obliged....Sweeeeeeet.

Lanning needs to shove his Moby Dick down this OSU defense.

We're starting to look Iowa State-ish

Run it down their throat Score a TD and kill these fuckers

Blitz on 3rd down. Get beat. Keep everyone back on 3rd down. Get beat anyway. That's frustrating.

your fucking me

Is Iowa State going to have to strangle a ref?

Wayne Brady

I did change it from "choke" to "strangle" for grammatical purposes.

oh...these fucking announcers

They can fuck right off.

So one team can push off, but the other team can't mmmmmkay.

That was pretty egregious though. Montgomery used both hands.

Get of that Cowboy cock announcers

These announcers really enjoy deep-throating OSU

They must have silky smooth balls that taste delicious.

Announcers are assclowns.

Can the TV guys please quit sucking OSU's dick Its really sad honestly

hope bottles get thrown at the refs after this game

Brokeback Mountain was a documentary of these announcers and Oklahoma State

So was Boku No Pico.

Mike Warren is a MAN

Order a hit on the refs. I don't care if it gets someone suspended or arrested. Send a message.

I want to see a live murder of a zebra on national TV.

Here u go

here comes another one!

Yeah, that's a terrible spot, refs.

worst. officiating. ever.

They'll give him just enough to not be a 1st

Doesn't matter Rhoads will go for it and Warren is breaking off a 40+ yard run.

This review brought to you by...Boone Pickens pocket book

Fucking cowboy cum chugging refs

Based on where the chains were, this should be really fiducking close. Unless Warren's dick hit the ground sooner.

And after review spot is now at 4th and 5.

This review sponsored by KY LUBRICANTS

If we're going by dick dragging, he's down as soon as he touches the ball.

I regret that I have but one rec to give for this post

Reply fail

refs certainly have their favorites

GO FOR IT!!!!!!


Riverboat Rhoads says fuck you!

Here's the vine already.

Eat Warren's fat fucking cock. You dick bags

Suck it, refs. Then choke on it.

Find a big whiteboy throw a 32 jersey on him and put him in the backfield

Fuck you refs. Warren is the man.

We're gonna fuck your turdcutter now refs!!!! Prepare yourselves!!!!

Fuck you, Refs, says Warren.

The explanation that the ESPN crew just gave is accurate by the rules...and by the camera angles it is SUCH BULLSHIT that they couldn't respot that ball.


Que long Lanning scramble

It's 3rd and Lanning

what are they doing to mike at the bottom of the pile?

Do we get two wins if we win the 19 on 11 battle? That would really help our slim bowl chances.

I like how we have a drive of the game feature. Midway through the 3rd

These refs are cum guzzling queens for T. Boone

Shit. Warren's done.

thats not good


Accidental post. Ha ha. Just like that OSU touch.

Aaaaaannnnd we're fucked

Lotsa facemask in that pile

No shit. It looked like he was trying to rip his head off.

4th and 10 at ISU 44
(3:32 - 3rd) Colin Downing punt for 32 yds, downed at the OKSt 24

nope......this will go for OSU

Oh god the officials are discussing it

They'll overturn it upon review

Fuck yea!

Well there's a call in our favor. We'll see if it stands.

Here comes the bullshit overturn again

Not a chance this fucker stands

We are going to get screwed again aren't we?

Shit. They didn't touch it.

i hate to say it it never touched him

We're reviewing this so we can overturn it.

I fucking love that they didn't call holding on 12.

Were fucked

Judging by those replays. Belongs to OSU?




Cowboys, refs and announcers can eat the corn out of my shit.

definitely their ball

I'm fine with them overturning this.

I think that would be the right call, but...I'm not fine with it... I might be biased

I hate getting screwed on reviews. But I can't honestly say we should have kept that.

These announcers are happy that it's OSU's ball. Fuck them in their goat ass

Can't argue with this overturn

They owe us one though....We've fluffed them enough...


Sure you can. It's easy peasy. Say it with me, loud and proud now Fuck the Refs

who are the play by play guys for espn in this one?

These guys?

These reviews

Holy trash stash

1st and 10 at OKST 35
(2:56 - 3rd) Mason Rudolph pass complete to Blake Jarwin for 3 yds Blake Jarwin fumbled, forced by Levi Peters, recovered by IowSt Levi Peters

That's ours. That's OURS!

it's ours but we won't get it

That strip was amazing.

This better be called a fumble. Anything else should result in ref murder.


Levi Peters!!!!!!

Over turn that you cow fuckers

FUCKING YES! Get some Peters!

That was beautiful!

Wait gotta review it so we can overturn it

They'll say that it belongs to the ground so OSU gets it back

Fuck that would have been an awesome catch

Wow. I really didn't expect Warren back.

Great news I expected the worst

It really didn't look good at all.

That is great news.

He had to tuck that anaconda back into his pants

I wonder if he knows you can't have those in the residence halls.

Bundrage shortarmed another.

Coverage by Mike Hunt-er!

I hate people who cheer when players get hurt but...hopefully he dosnt come back in. we need all the help we can get

He fucking tee Rex armed that attempt at a catch


Wow still finishing up them butterfingers from holloween

Even the announcers can't see the PI in the review....fuck this bias shit.They must hate global warming too...

What's that cowboy?

So...Shut out UT, then knock OSU out of playoff contention. How do you like ISU's chances to win the MAC next season?

Big Ten West contenders for sure!

No shit. If you're even in the discussion to win the MAC your team would walk through the Big 10 West.

I think we beet Toledo in a rematch easily


Lanning going SBR. Nope he's the Lanram fucking running and he finally slid




1st and 10 at OKST 21
(2:04 - 3rd) Joel Lanning 21 Yd Run (Cole Netten Kick) (OSU 21 ISU 31)


With apologies to graphik

Review THAT!

Our guy blocked that fucker clear out of the end zone.

STOP, FORREST!!! Some say he's still blocking him to this day.

Good. They deserve it.


Woohoo Lanning!

ChooChoo the Lanram express arriving in the end zone

Review that Cockgobbling refs

1st and 10 at ISU 35
(2:04 - 3rd) IOWA ST Penalty, Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Allen Lazard) to the IowSt 20


Aaand another made up call

That is such bullshit but whatever. POINTS


onside kick?

With Lazard's intensity i don't even care that he got a penalty

Fuck you refs eating chocolate starfish of OSU

Austin. Bring Back the Bow and Arrow. Fuk what cpr says

Barry fuckface Switzer made me this potty mouth dick you see today

Not in this game. Flags not acceptable.

Neither is shitty officiating, but that's happening

Lazard blocked him until they left the endzone. Last time I checked legal blocks are legal as long as they are in the field of play.

It was time for that Fucker to go home

I am getting off tonight!!!! This is football porn at its best.

At that point, should you just kick it out of bounds?

You could But I think then the ball would be placed at the 50.

Well Jameis did it so I guess it's Crabby McStealerson.

he had a redshirt year




It's getting Hilton loud in there

Peavy is insane tonight

A stop on 3rd and long

I am sick of these annoucers

Yay, Peavy's a Houston kid.

scary pass, lanning

Don't fucking go conservative Get the sand out of your vagina cpr. Go for the kill Sturdy

Daring the sweet Caroline curse.

Not sure if you guys follow him but TedFlintKansas is hilarious on twitter today

Sweet Caroline. That fucking whore probably nailed the whole Cowboys team with her strap on

You see what happens when we play sweet Caroline before win is secured?

make them chew clock even if we cant stop them we can make them take time


One more DALE Break that fucking record

Dale Pierson with the record tying sack

The sun rises. The sun sets.

And we still can't tackle

Even if they score, we're going to make them take forever.

typical just fucking typical 3rd down defense

missed a big hold there

That boy looks concussed.

2nd and 10 at ISU 16
(11:33 - 4th) J.W. Walsh 16 Yd Run (Ben Grogan Kick) (OSU 28 ISU 31)



OK offense. this is it go win this game.



I wonder if this will go to OT tied at 31

I dont feel good about that. All the momentum with them

but 37-31 is beautiful

Ghost of Jack Trice, please come

Why the fuck do we allow visitors bands in our house

think it's like that in most stadiums

Our house our rules!!!!

we need points here those 4 that the refs took would be nice right now

Score a touchdown offense.

Ok Lanram time to become a legend

These announcers are going to have sore throats


god dammit lanning he better progress over time

Hey, announcers, I understand that your boyfriend just scored, but look at the scoreboard.

Missed the first half Have we turned on Lanning yet?

I'm turned on by him. does that count?


No, not at all

His passing hasnt been great But overall he has played very well

So...Not yet. Middle of next season?

I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

Super Dario

tried to get a little to fancy should have just lanramed over that guy

Shit...we have lost the energy and momentum

Fucking fuckitty fuck fuck

4th and 5 at 50
(8:00 - 4th) Colin Downing punt for 34 yds, fair catch by Jalen McCleskey at the OKSt 16

Need a turnover


turnover please im begging you football gods

You know they don't listen to cyclone fans

we need a turnover

Mary mother of god They figured it out Wally time to adjust you fucking gobblin

Well, Smoke on the Water sure as shit isn't a winning tradition.

YA! to bad they will still get a first down

1st and 10 at OKST 35
(7:30 - 4th) Chris Carson run for no gain to the OKSt 35 OKLAHOMA ST Penalty, Personal Foul (Brad Lundblade) to the OKSt 20

You're not allowed to leg whip and Nae Nae on the field.

OSU has figured out that rushing 3 and keeping a spy on Lanning is pretty effective. Need to make sure we get yards on first and second down to make that less of an issue.

Aww, mass campiniling. That was my hubby's & my first date

1st and 25 at OKST 20
(7:20 - 4th) Mason Rudolph pass incomplete to Brandon Sheperd
2nd and 25 at OKST 20
(7:15 - 4th) Mason Rudolph pass complete to James Washington for 15 yds to the OKSt 35

3rd and long? fucked again's 4th down now

Yeah. Where'd that down go?

COME ON DEFENSE! gime a sack!!

Hey Rudolph I hear you are going out with SQUEEKS


3rd and 10 at OKST 35
(7:10 - 4th) OKLAHOMA ST Penalty, False Start (Victor Salako) to the OKSt 30

3rd and longer only helps their chances

It's 4th down! 4TH!


God fucking damnitt we are Iowa State we don't like those penalties.

So. What's up with this officiating crew?

3rd and 15 at OKST 30
(7:00 - 4th) Mason Rudolph pass complete to David Glidden for 31 yds to the IowSt 39 for a 1ST down

fucking predictable

We are bad at football. :disappointed

Bad timing for a defender to slip

Typical billshit


Did that ref not say "it's 2nd down". After the leg whip?!

He did, and apparently lied to us.

fucking 5th down.

They clearly said that 15 yard penalty was after the play, and then gave them bonus down! This is horse shit!

Stop fucking giving up 3rd and goddamn long

blatant hold missed again

How Iowa State of us


1st and 0 at ISU 7
(3:06 - 4th) Jeff Carr 7 Yd pass from J.W. Walsh (Ben Grogan Kick) (OSU 35 ISU 31)

Fuckshitpissdickcuntnipple Ahhhhhhhhhhgggghh

god dammit

Fuck me running

We are bad at football.

Hi, my name is ESPN announcer, And I love cowboy cum.

Oh, and I like mustache rides from Pistol Pete.

When it counts...never count on ISU.

Ive never seen refs so desperately keep a drive alive

fuck you announcers. choke on those osu balls that you like to lick so much

Fucking fucky fuck

Cornbread fucks

Why are there only 2 defenders on the right side of the field to guard 3 receivers...That is when bubble screens work.

And that's another Cyclone Classic

Jesus titty fucking Christ I'm out of beer

Remember those 4 points that we should have?

I also remember that time we stopped them on 3rd and 15 but they got a bonus down.

Remember that 5th down they got?

So can LANRAM engineer a drive Or should I just turn this off?

Does it matter? The refs will ensure an OSU victory

I'm leaning towards turn it off. We are not good at football.

And this drive Possibly could be for Paul rhoads's job

Give me an over under on holding calls this drive no way the refs dont do everything they can to stop us

Even if they win, no way OSU beats OU.

Except that texas did. And they eat dick sandwiches everyday for lunch

Give SBR a shot, you need to run the 2 min drill

You're cut off from the bar sir. You've had way to much to drink

Crap my wife said the same :disappointed:

Somebody has GOT to be recording this. I'm really going to need to see that sequence around the leg whip. I need to know whether to make room on the wall.

Leg whips can't happen after a play can they?

I don't know.

Start now that's a big apology coming......

I'm recording it. I'll have to check it out later.

Same here. Going to have to figure out how to capture video from the DVR, but this is going to be exhibit A in ref shitheadedness.

I'm just drunk enough to hope for the most amazing comeback drive in ISU history.

Lanram and Lazrard best go Montana and Rice I'll settle for Senaca and Whitver

terrible spot and now we're 4th and 1

4th and 1 at ISU 37
(2:05 - 4th) Mike Warren run for no gain to the IowSt 37

That was a terrible call.

I cannot watch

And that'll be the ball game.

and the shot to the fucking nuts

I agree with the announcers. PASSING THE BALL ON 3RD DOWN THERE WAS DUMB.

Ball game

Horrible play calling!

Those calls were fucking horrible.


Goddamn it Just Goddamn it

Heading to post-apocalyptic Boston. Fuck this shit

3rd and 1 And call that. Fuck


Fire them all every last 1 of those motherfuckers need to be sent packing. Jesus fucking Christ Stevie wonder even thought that was ass cabbage play calling. Fucking pollard fire these bitches now

SBR don't look so bad now on that last series... fuck I be hammered

What in the motherfucking fuck was that shit.

Eat shit and die OSU, refs and these announcers. Fuck it.

Did Mangino sneak back in there?

My wife chokes better than this.....Fucking dickheads. You always do this. We really need to rename our team the Iowa State Blue Balls.

That third touch down would have been nice right about now. Still, shitty call on third down.

Sweet Caroline curse Strikes again

We just got Rhoads'd 3 TO's left in the board.

Running out of shotgun on 4th and 1...Not a fan.

]I will never under stand why we don't do more shit under center

Saying the replay booth got the TD skullfuckery right

Even if it was 'right' I dont think it rises to ‘indisputable'. Which is the problem. Sometimes theyll ignore that, sometimes they'll hide behind it as a reason not to overturn.

que 3rd down nutshot

are you meaning to say *cue* or are you speaking spanish?

queue? cue? ¿que?

of fucking corse

The ref got hurt

Ok who tripped the zebra

Who missed the opportunity to spear the bastard where he lay? I hope one of our guys wrecked his shit

Maybe those refs should take a fucking are going to get murdered.

We need that 3sus magic

1st and 10 at ISU 5
(1:38 - 4th) Joel Lanning pass intercepted Jordan Sterns return for 5 yds to the IowSt 24


Fuck this shit

fucking typical

Fuck everything!!!!!!!!!!

What a waste. What a waste.

PS: We are bad at football.

Wow game


God dammit

Fuck OSU, fuck these refs and I hope they die, fuck these cocksucking announcers, fuck Rhoads, fuck football, fuck this fucking team.

everyone dies "There's always next year."

I hope they die painfully

Fuckballs goddamn ass gobblin cum guzzling what the fuck ever they don't deserve a rant. Fuck it I'm out

Suck it you Okie hillbillies

At least we have a better chance to get a team in the playoff. Classic Paul Rhoads loss.

Fuck #moralvictories

I don't consider that a moral victory.

Today is the day when I can't fucking even

I new that fuck up at Toledo would bite us in the ass.

#moralvictory #fuckthisshit

Yes, you are correct Mike Gundy. You were fortunate to get a win.

And season. Good effort and all hail Lanning and Warren to make next year worthwhile. CPR should be fired, this should have been a bowl year. Time to move on.

Its only basketball season now

I second all of that.

Rhoads should be fired, but I doubt it will happen.

Our coaching staff is pathetic. Man, I feel sorry for our players. Our coaches are so inept.

And there's the announcers saying what a big win this is for the Big 12.

Theyre not wrong. The conference is better off if it gets an undefeated team

Hey Guys. Just got done bottling a 4.4% wheat/rye beer. Just an easy drinker to go along with all the heavy stuff I'm making. I looked and it was 35-31 OSU. I just zipped down through the comments. Looks like there was some bad coaching calls and bad ref calls? I was kind of happy seeing that score. I suppose I'll just wait for the summary.

We blew a 17-point lead. And people should be fired.

You missed a shit show. May as well chug all that freshly brewed beer...and the heavy stuff.

As a Cyclone fan, I like to comment with pictures so I can say 1,000 "fucks" more quickly.

ISU choose your losing adventure...

Ok, I looked back at the leg whip penalty...OSU got 5 downs. The ref said it was a 15 yard penalty, still 2nd down - making it 2nd & 25. They reset the clock to 7:33. Ball moved back to the 20 yard line. Then OSU has an incomplete pass, and it was again 2nd & 35, ball on the 20. Tv graphics said 3rd & 25; announcers say "bringing up 2nd & 25."
OSU completes a pass to the 39 - making it 3rd & 10.
OSU incomplete pass, making it 4th & 10. But NO! Offside against OSU, no loss of down so it's 3rd & 15.
OSU completes a long pass, 1st down.

Leg whip is a live-ball penalty (like holding) so the referee misspoke when he said "2nd Down" should have said 1st Down.

Ok, good to know. Someone thread had asked what the play sequence was & whether they got 5 downs.

So. The leg whip happened on first down?

QB. If we had a QB who could pass, we'd be dangerous.

True story. If Lanning could have hit Montgomery in stride on the post pattern (where he overthrew him by 5 yards, during the 4th quarter deep in our own end), that turns into a huge gain, as Okie St had no one in the deep middle of the field. And don't take this as a criticism of Joel's overall play. WIthout him, we lose by 40 today.

With him all season, We'd probably be 7-3