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Buy or Sell: Could J.W. Walsh return for one more year?

If given the opportunity, what do you think of J.W. Walsh returning for a sixth year?

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

We heard a couple weeks back that there was a possibility that J.W. Walsh could be eligible for a medical hardship waiver. In 2014, he was done after the second game of the season with a foot injury. This could technically give him another year of eligibility.

We won't go into whether or not this is going to happen, because we don't know. Such a waiver could not even be requested until after this season. But if you're a Cowboy fan would you want him to return for another year?


Of course he should come back! The "Walshing Machine" is automatic in the red zone and in short yardage situations. Consequently, Oklahoma State is one of the best teams in the nation in red zone offense. He brings a completely different look to the offense giving opposing DC's a whole new playbook to scheme for.

Let's face it. Without Walsh, OSU isn't 10-0. They have no other option in the run game and the Cowboy offense would look a lot more like it did last season. No Bueno.

He's obviously one of the most well respected guys on this team. He could have transferred after losing his spot to Mason Rudolph but decided to stay. Why? Because he loves Oklahoma State and he loves his teammates. He'll probably join the coaching staff as graduate assistant once his playing days are done and then end up taking over for Gundy when he hits 60.

He's been a great mentor to Mason Rudolph even before the true freshman had his redshirt ripped off and was thrown to the Bears in Waco. We may never know how much he's meant to Rudolph's development.

It's simple. He helps the team. You should want him to stay.


You love "J-Dub" like any other OSU fan. You understand how important he is to the team on and off the field. But he should be a graduate assistant next year. For all we know, that may be what he wants anyway.

Mason Rudolph has said all the right things. There's no controversy here. From all anyone can tell they are good friends and he has tons of respect for Walsh. But it's possible that Mason doesn't mind sharing snaps this season based on the predication that the reins will be handed over to him next year.

Mason is biding his time now but next year he's a junior. He already lost ten games of his freshman year. Now he would have two years of playing QB by committee? He wants to prove that he can be "the guy". He probably wants to play in the NFL some day. Let's be honest. How does it look if you're coaching staff doesn't trust you in the red zone? Mason doesn't want to share snaps with Walsh next year.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! I don't want a QB leading my team that isn't confident in himself, who isn't the alpha. It should bother him when he gets pulled out of the game for an entire fourth quarter with the season on the line.

Let's look at his run. The guy is 13-1 as a starter. The Pokes haven't lost a game in a year. He's the reason. J.W. has been huge, but assume all you want that Rudolph wouldn't have found a way to win those games.

Gundy stated at the beginning of the season that (like with any QB) Rudolph would go through a learning curve. He had some struggles early this season which even led some national media members (who will remain nameless on this site) to call for his benching. Which was ridiculous, by the way.

If the last few weeks tell us anything, he's made it to the other side of that curve. Rudolph is a much different quarterback than he was a year ago. He's only a sophomore and he is already hitting his stride.

Next year he will be a seasoned vet with possibly two years left. The o-line will be better. The entire offense should be better. How can he ever fully come into his own if he doesn't get to the ball when it matters most?

Hand Rudolph the reins. Don't hold him back.