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Cowboys Ride For Free Big 12 Rankings - We Are The Best

Call it bias or not, OSU is the best in the conference right now

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

1) Oklahoma State

The Cowboys are 10-0 for the first time since 2011 and things are sort of going smoothly. The next two weeks will tell us so much about this team, maybe. The Bears may be walking injured but even if the Cowboys get through Baylor undefeated, they'll have to beat the Sooners, who have looked pretty good since loosing to Texas.

2) Oklahoma

The Sooners took down the mighty Baylor Bears this weekend and held them to only 34 points. After really starting to send the heat at Bear quarterback Jarrett Stidham, the Sooners were able to take advantage of the young quarterback. Now OU has scored at least 40 in every game since losing to Texas earlier this year. OSU needs to be careful with this team.

3) Baylor

After scoring more than 60 points in their first six games and losing Russel in the Iowa State game, Baylor has looked weak. The Bears have now scored 31 and 34 points in consecutive weeks and it appears that Stidham may or may not be injured, but no one knows. Baylors big game in Stillwater this weekend could tell the country even more about this team that was thought to be a national title contender to start the year.

4) TCU

As talented as this team is, it's really sad to see them so injured. The Horned Frogs play OU this week, which isn't great considering how injured Trevone Boykin is.

5) WVU

The Mountaineers were able to take down Texas, much like most of the league has, except OU. Now with five wins, the Mountaineers have the opportunity to get to eight wins. Not bad for the team that was essentially the sacrificial lamb for the conference in the month of October.

6) Texas Tech

They have to find a defense sometime, right? Kansas State hadn't scored more than 24 since October 10. Texas Tech let them put up 44. Thankfully, they have an offense that can't be stopped and were able to win. Welcome to bowl eligibility, Tech.

7) Iowa State

This team, man. They've got two wins in conference and played better than TCU did against OSU. Joel Lanning seems to be pretty good. Maybe this team could pull off a few more wins next year. If they didn't play juggernaut teams like Iowa and Toledo in the nonconference, they'd be one win away from a bowl.

8) Texas

A four win season is very real. Then again, if they get lucky, so is a bowl.

9) Kansas State

Raise your hand if you thought Iowa State would have more conference wins than KSU at this point.

10) Kansas

Stop trying to ruin football.