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Oklahoma State Offense - Mike Yurcich Actually Knows What He's Doing

This has been fun so far.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

For all the flack that offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich gets, he's apparently put together a pretty strong offensive team this year. Oklahoma State is currently seventh in red zone percentage at 93.8 percent with 34 touchdowns and 11 field goals on 48 attempts. The Cowboys also have put Mason Rudolph at No. 11 in the nation in passing yards and J.W. Walsh has yet to be intercepted or sacked.

Essentially, this offense is efficient and scores a lot, averaging 43.6 points per game, seventh in the country. The one problem being the rushing game, as OSU has the lowest amount of rushing yards of teams in the top 10 of points per game.

That doesn't seem to be a problem though. As defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer says, the stat that really matters is points per drive. As Brandon Chatmon of ESPN points out here, OSU is succeeding in that as well, averaging 2.64 a drive.

Maybe that Yurcich guy isn't so bad after all.