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CRFF Player of The Game Results - Week 11

Just like every week J.W. gave his all to almost take home the Week 11 honors.

"Man those are sweet unis" - ISU Visitor in the back, Probably.
"Man those are sweet unis" - ISU Visitor in the back, Probably.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

CRFF Player of The Game Week 11 - With 40 percent of the vote Marcel Ateman takes home the trophy! If there was a trophy! Hey, this is better than a trophy because it's you the fans who vote for it not some dumb committee. Anyhow, congrats to Marcel and thanks as always for reading and voting!

How the rest shook out:

Coming in second with 29 percent of the vote was none other than J.W. Walsh. At this point the dude could just put on a headset and he would take home a good chunk of the vote. Who wants a 6th year??? I want a 6th year!!!

This cracked me up:

Coming in third was all world defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah who was snubbed by every defensive award because they don't like beast's I guess.

A surprising fourth was Chris Carson who would've had more yards if it weren't for his lineman trying to tackle him. I kid, but seriously he almost trucked one of his own lineman on the third down run.

And rounding out the vote was Jordan Sterns who continues to be this teams Earl Thomas. Yes, we all say thank you Jordan Sterns.