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Baylor Defensive Preview: Meme Team

There was the Dream Team in basketball, and Baylor's defensive unit could easily be called the Meme Team. You all know why.

Shawn Oakman has been one of the largest disappointments this season.
Shawn Oakman has been one of the largest disappointments this season.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


That was the question that Shawn Oakman asked when questioned about Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah at Big 12 Media Days. Since that time, we've seen Ogbah lead the Big 12 in sacks this season and lead all active FBS players in career sacks as well. Ogbah has been a dominant force on a sometimes suspect defense for the Cowboys. Oakman on the other hand has been nonexistent this season. For a guy that was touted so highly over the course of bowl season and the offseason, the former Penn State player has done nothing to justify his comments back at Big 12 Media Days. Oakman should have some success though going against the Oklahoma State offensive line. That is, when he isn't taking plays off; a cornerstone to the Baylor scheme.


The Baylor defense is a lot like Oklahoma State's defense. Opportunistic. Opposing offenses have thrown 20 touchdowns against the Bears but here's the part that makes them relatable to the Pokes; 12 interceptions. For every five touchdowns, there are three interceptions thrown. Players to watch for the Bears will be Xavien Howard and Ryan Reid in the secondary. They have five of those interceptions between them. Mason Rudolph has yet to struggle inside Boone Pickens Stadium, so OSU fans can find solace in that. Rudolph has struggled this season though at times, but it again has not been inside BPS. With the two biggest games of his career left though, it would not surprise me if those inconsistencies bleed over to the home ground. From a rushing standpoint, the Bears are only allowing 3.8 yards per carry. The Cowboy rushing attack should feel right at home (pun intended) with those numbers. If the Cowboys limit their turnovers or do not turnover the ball at all, then they will win the ballgame Saturday and set up for.......well we can talk about that after the game. No need jumping ahead.


What do World War II, Bill Snyder and Baylor all have in common? An odd group I know but they correlate. The last time Baylor won in Stillwater, we were in the "war years," and Bill Snyder was born, on the exact day Baylor last won in Payne County. That is a long time, and while Baylor has as strong of a team as it has ever had, this is one of those historical anomalies that can't go unnoticed. I'll withhold my official prediction until Friday but when it comes to Baylor visiting Stillwater, history tends to repeat itself.