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A special Wednesday night edition brought a special guest, and a special rant from King.

Well knows OSU Twitter citizen Denise Lowery graced us with her presence this evening, along with our usual Pokelahoma and King.

Like the Cowboys' defense vs Iowa State, we got a bit of a slow start, but Baylor eventually inspired us, none more than King, who may have trotted out every single reason why he hates Baylor, and the last one was the best. I manage to refer to Ogbah as Oakman, so thank heavens I don't live in Stillwater or might feel the same as Stidham this Saturday.

Now for King's written take on this week's action...

West Virginia at Kansas: The only thing redeeming Kansas football is their touchdown club, which hasn’t seen a lot of action recently. Kansas football is the sports equivalent of Ashton Kutchers brother, God is cruel. Couches burn and Mountaineers win, 47-17.

Iowa State at Kansas State: I was wrong in the video above, KSU can still make a bowl game. They won’t, but they can. ISU wins 26-22 (I like even numbers).

Texas Christian at Oklahoma: Does Gary Patterson drink? If not he should start. He’s lost more people to injury than Charlie Sheen has sex partners. That’s all the jokes I’ll waste on this game, Goons win 49-14.

Baylor at Oklahoma State: First, did you know that Baylor is still using tarps? Seriously, DLow said it best, they’re new money. Except they’re more Clampett than Zuckerburg. If you want some humor, go visit their forum (I won’t give it a link here, but search for baylor and fan together.) If it wasn’t for their incessant drug references and attempt at lawyer speak I’d find them amusing, instead they’re ferociously annoying little dickheads that believe Bebe’s kids are ordained to have success. What they don’t realize is that, while they love to post Bible verses, they have a win at all costs attitude and methods much more in line with Miami circa 1986 than they do church on Sunday. But like all bullies, they’re actually insecure pussies, so a solid mouth punch should slow them down. Also their offensive coordinator has the same skills as a 12 year old playing Madden, if plan A doesn’t work there is no plan B. Also those sweet taped fingers, ol boy might just hop on in and throw a pass if necessary. But enough about that, Pokes win 37-20.

Travel safe, and GO POKES!!!