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Baylor Offensive Preview: Fast and Stuff

Lets face it. No matter where Baylor ends up at the end of the year with their record, they are still THE offensive juggernaut of college football. If you can stop them, then you're in good hands.

Freshman quarterback Jarrett Stidham's status will be something to watch.
Freshman quarterback Jarrett Stidham's status will be something to watch.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Corey's In The House:

If you don't already know, which would be sad, Corey Coleman is a beast and probably the best receiver in all of college football. I wish I could say that Oklahoma State can handle top receiver talent, but they did not get a full game out of Josh Doctson which played a big role against TCU two weeks ago. Coleman is not alone though, KD Cannon and Davion Hall are as explosive as any receivers in the country. The scary part about those two is that they are both sophomores and will be back for at least one more year. Coleman's stat line is "Road to Glory" on NCAA Football 2014 level numbers. Hauling in 61 catches for 1,229 yards and 20 TD's, do not be surprised when Coleman gets one of the invites to New York for the Heisman award ceremony. It is not about covering these guys, it is about forcing the quarterback to be in precarious situations. If Emmanuel Ogbah is consistently getting in the face of the QB, then the Pokes chances improve.

Shocked and Chafin:

They do run the ball at Baylor. They do it effectively too. Shock Linwood has been the man all year for the Bears, but last week Devin Chafin made a name for himself with his three touchdown performance in a losing effort to the Sooners. So now the Cowboys must prepare for two Bear running options. Linwood is a gamebuster. Linwood is averaging well over 115 yards per game and 7.4 yards per carry. Again, it is nice to see teams that can run the ball like that. I wish Oklahoma State could have nice things like that. Oh well. These runners can be incorporated in the passing attack as well so the front seven for Oklahoma State will have to keep itself honest in recognizing pass and run.

Last Man Standing:

As a recruiting nerd, I've known about Jarrett Stidham for a long time. This year, people around the country found out about him after Seth Russell was lost for the year. Baylor may be plug-and-play to a certain degree, but make no mistake, Jarrett Stidham is not your average freshman QB. Stidham will be a top QB in this league for a long time. Stidham's status has been called into question this week, and while that may be exciting to a certain degree for the Cowboy faithful, I fully expect Stidham to trot out there for the Bears. If he doesn't, LEMON PEPPER CROW. Those that have read these all year will know how to prepare it. Chris Johnson will be Stidham's backup in the event he can't play. He's currently listed as a receiver. At least Bill Snyder doesn't coach Baylor right?! *uneasy maniacal laugh

Coffelt's Picks:

I alluded to this on Wednesday. If Oklahoma State is going to win one of these last two marquee games, it will be against Baylor. I think they will. They haven't lost to Baylor in Stillwater in two generations. It won't be 2013 though either so don't get too worked up orange folk. Final score: 41-31 Pokes. If this happens, hooooooo boy Bedlam. See ya next week!