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Why OSU Will Beat Baylor

Here we go again and its your turn, Bears.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Baylor Bears will roll into town to try to beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys in Stillwater for the first time since 1939.  And their attempt might be valiant if it weren't for several key facts.  The first and most important being that they haven't beaten a team that finished in the top 25 on the road in the Art Briles era and they are yet to beat a current top 25 team this year and have only been embarrassed at home by OU.

The next very key fact is that their already pretty soft defense is only banged and bruised, missing both of their DT's and both of their safeties.  Mason Rudolph will rule the skies and J.W. Walsh will rule the ground.  The Cowboy offense will be discovering new ways to abuse this defense while racking up yards in tonnage.

Another key fact is that Baylor's starting QB Jarrett Stidham is a true freshman playing his first road game against a top team.  On top of that, he was questionable for this game after being consistently  beaten down by OU's pass rush.  A banged up true freshman going on the road, how does that make you feel, Emmanuel Ogbah?

Glenn Spencer and his hungry defense smell blood in the water and will be looking to capitalize.  And on top of THAT, Glenn Spencer has been the thorn in the Bear's side ever since 2013, when he totally shut them down and significantly slowed them in 2014.  Spencer knows how to beat this offense and he will do it again.

Face it, Bears, there is no way this ends well for you.  Get ready for another long night in the Boone and just pray that Claude the turfmonster doesn't show up against to steal all your hope.