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Be Thankful Cowboy Fans

After last night's lost to Baylor, we should still be grateful of how far we come

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night wasn't what we expected as Oklahoma State had its first loss of the season against to Baylor at home, the first time since 1939.

Forget what happened last night and lets take a little trip back to the preseason, TCU and Baylor were picked to win the Big 12 while others believed that Oklahoma State would finish fourth or below that. About every week, some experts thought we would be the upset of the week or didn't stand a chance, but this team proved them wrong. As we approach Bedlam, the Cowboys are in second place with a 10-1 record and still have a chance to win the Big 12. If Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma and Baylor gets upset by TCU or Texas, so the dream is still alive.

A 10-1 record is a lot better compare to last season's record of 7-6, which compared to other OSU teams historically wasn't even that bad. Take a short trip down memory lane to 1991, when the Pokes were 0-10 and Lewis Field, or now known as Boone Pickens Stadium, could barely get 20,000 fans in the stands. Twenty-years later, in 2011 who would have thought this team could win the Big 12, get into a BCS bowl game and have the best record in school history with a 12-1 record.

This may not be the 2011 team we thought it could be, but this is still a fun team to watch even though some may have a heart attack while watching. It's a new week, the Baylor game is done and over and it's time to move on Cowboy fans to one of the most important games of the season, Bedlam.