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CRFF Roundtable - Bedlam Edition

Here it is. Bedlam. Two 10-1 teams face off for bragging rights, possibly the Big 12 title, and maybe more.

Brett Deering/Getty Images

Well, it's Bedlam in Stillwater on what looks to be a horribly cold and wet day. What could go wrong? The CRFF staff looks at the final game of the season and who could make their mark.

Leave us your answers below in the comment section.

1) Predict the players of the game for Oklahoma State: offense, defense and special teams.
2) Moving forward, how do you see the running game improving? Can the Cowboys average 150+ yards next season?
3) What's your prediction for Bedlam?

Here we go:

Kyle Hoelting

1) Rudolph. Peterson. Sinor.

2) Don't really see the running game improving. From coaching down to players, it hasn't even come close to getting better this season. It was a struggle all last season. What have they shown us that would lead anyone to believe that it'll get better next year?

3) Pokes-27 Other team-48


1) Rudolph, if he can stay upright... Ogbah, as usual... If it can't be a return guy, then let it be Grogan. I love that Sinor is really good, but him being the special teams player of the game is not a good sign.

2) We need hogs at the trough just like Baylor's. If they wave a magic wand, yes, it's possible.

3) The full range of emotions, plus alcohol. Oh, and profanity, very likely flying objects in my home. If I can manage to not end up in the fetal position in a corner or under a table, I'll count that as a victory.


1) Washington, Ogbah, Grogan

2) Nope, not next year. 2017 though absolutely.

3) Me being there, flask empty by second quarter.......... I'm still not sure.... I mean UT destroyed their O Line but then they owned.


1) JW Walsh. UT gave OU fits in the QB run game. Hopefully OSU does the same.

2) This year is what it is. We recruited well at Offensive line last year and the staff made it a priority again this season. I think we will start seeing that pay off. Justice Hill can be dynamic next season for the Cowboys, and I think Carr will improve as well.

3) OSU comes back strong in this game and holds OU off in the end. 38-28 (flashback score!)


1) Mason Rudolph, Ogbah and McCleskey

2) Absolutely not. This team can't run the ball. It's a fact of life. Sort of like death, taxes and OSU not running the ball well. They might be able to fix it next year.

3) OSU 28 OU 25

Kyle Cox

1) I say Marcell Ateman is the difference maker for the offense. He's been way more consistent as of late and his jump ball skills makes him a mismatch for anyone in the Sooner secondary.

Ogbah will sack Mayfield at least once. However, I think Chad Whitener is the player of the game, because if OSU wins it will be due to his help against the run game.

Repeat: Grogan comes up big. He'll miss a PAT but he'll make a 50+ yarder.

2) I think they can. I wanted the o-line to be better this year.  But I am going to listen to someone who knows better in Mike Gundy. The line is still relatively young and inexperienced and (in our opinion) you need that third year to be really good up front. (I was almost confident enough to put quotation marks on that.)

3) I will say OSU wins a weird game that they shouldn't. Quirky weather with a quirky game. OSU 36-OU 28.


1) Offense: It's hard to see who will really stand out in a game like this with an offense so diversified, but I think James Washington burns OU's corners deep a few times for big touchdowns.

Defense: Kevin Peterson by far. He will neutralize the big threats for OU's passing game and will give the front seven the ability to focus on the two headed monster of OU's run game.

Special Teams: A punt was the most important play of last year's Bedlam, but Zach Sinor will place multiple punts inside the 20 and inside the 10, giving the Cowboys defense the field advantage.

2) With Justice Hill, Carson, Taylor and Carr going into next season, and an offensive line with another year's worth of experience, I think the run attack will be much better.

3) As much as I'd like the Cowboys to win, I think the Sooners will outlast OSU, scoring off of a possession or two more than the Cowboys. 45-38 OU.