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Big 12 Bowl Projections

The Big 12 Champ has been determined, now it gets interesting with the rest of the teams

Oklahoma won the Big 12 and with Notre Dame out of the CFP race they are most likely in. Here is the possible scenario from here on out even though they won't announce till later.

1. Oklahoma- Won't be surprised if they get into the College Football Playoff, however they might get a rematch against Clemson, if Clemson wins its conference title. It will be a big surprise if they don't get in, so worst case scenario will be the Sugar Bowl because they are the Big 12 champs.

2. Oklahoma State- This will be interesting. If Texas beats Baylor then Oklahoma State will lock in for 2nd place and will take the Sugar Bowl slot if Oklahoma goes to the playoff. However, if Baylor beats Texas then it will force a three way tie with Baylor and TCU. Due to the Big 12 tie rules, Oklahoma State will beat TCU but Baylor will get the Sugar Bowl and Oklahoma State will most likely fall into the Alamo Bowl against USC, Oregon or UCLA. If the Cowboys get the Alamo Bowl, then it will be a good for recruitment and easy for the fans to travel. Worst Case scenario for the Cowboys, if TCU and Baylor beat the Cowboys in the tie then the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.

3. Baylor- As mentioned with the bowl scenario with Oklahoma State it's just about the same story with Baylor. Their best bowl bet will probably be the Sugar Bowl (if Oklahoma gets into the playoff), Fiesta or worst case scenario for them will be Alamo.

4. TCU- Despite injuries, TCU finished strong with a revenge upset against Baylor to end the season on a positive note. The best case scenario for TCU is the Russell Athletic Bowl and worst case scenario will probably be the Texas Bowl (Don't see that happening).

5. West Virginia- The Mountaineers have been on a hot streak, but still have to play against a do or die Kansas State team at Manhattan. Best and worst case scenario for West Virginia will be either the Russell Athletic, Liberty or Texas bowl.

6. Texas Tech- After missing a bowl last season, the Red Raiders are back and should have the Texas bowl on lock

7. Texas- (Not Eligible) After losing to Texas Tech on Thanksgiving night, the Longhorns are no longer in consideration for postseason unless they can upset Baylor and get the fifth win and hope the NCAA will take a few five win teams to fill in the bowl slots.

8. Kansas State- The Wildcats handled Kansas and just needs one more win to be bowl eligible for sure. If the Wildcats beat West Virginia then the Cactus Bowl will be most likely.

9. Iowa State- (Not Eligible) The only good deal for Iowa State is the (supposedly) new head football coach, Matt Campbell from Toledo University.

10. Kansas- (Not Eligible) Bad news: You finished the season winless first time since 1954. Good News: You'll still make postseason in basketball. Jayhawks are probably happy that they can now focus on basketball.

The Bowl that will be left to fill for other teams outside the Big 12 Conference is The Heart of Dallas Bowl and Cactus Bowl.