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CRFF Week 9 Big 12 Power Poll

King's corpse has been found at the bottom of the Kool-Aid pool, and I'm in prime Kansas trolling form.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After months of silliness, the Big 12 will now get down to business with the first of the marquee November match ups taking place in Stillwater this Saturday, featuring TCU and OSU.

Given that, King has taken this last opportunity to jump on the bandwagon while he still can.


1: Oklahoma State- You know what? **** it, if I'm drinking the kool-aid I'm making it trashcan punch then getting smashed. Go Pokes b****es

2: TCU- Well I guess it's that time of the season.

3: Baylor- When I hear the word "Baylor" I grumble like Mr. Burns.

4: OU- Not Yoda are you, lose again you will.

5A: WVU- Remember that time you crushed Clemson in that BCS game? Me neither.

5B: Tech- So about that defense...

7: ISU- So there's some fight left in you? Better get thatout before the 14th.

8: UT- Good god did you look bad.

9: KSU- Never seen a Snyder team quit, until now.

10: KU- Basketball season finally started.


1. TCU...Wanna dance?

2. Baylor...You get one more week to hide.

3. OSU...We don't know how you're doing it, mainly because it seems you do it differently every game. Whatever it is, keep doing it.

4. OU...Transitive properties say Iowa State kicks your butt. Like how I said that with a straight face?

5. Tech...You've lost to everyone above you, and you've beaten a couple people below you, so can hang out here one more week.

6. Iowa State...Let's see if transitive property is your friend.

7. Texas...I see you haven't forgotten how to light up a good dumpster fire.

8-9. West Virginia/Kansas State...You might be winless in the Big 12, but you aren't KANSAS winless.

10. Kansas...You get a reprieve this week, as Texas will probably only beat you 28-0.