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Big 12 Power Rankings - We might actually learn something this week

The CRFF staff got together and voted on the Big 12 rankings

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1. TCU

Out of all the Big 12 teams, TCU is definitely the most respected. It hasn't played much of anyone in terms of ranked teams but it also hasn't struggled as much as OSU has and it hasn't played the schedule Baylor has. Trevone Boykin is definitely a monster and should be fun to watch when he and the Frogs travel to Stillwater this weekend.

2. OSU

Well, we thought the defense was better. OSU starts the hardest part of its schedule now with the only "easy" week left being Iowa State, who just beat Texas. Thankfully the offense has never looked better but the defense is in question after allowing 53 points last week to Tech. The potential loss of Lampkin, Peterson and Bean could be big in this weeks match up.

3. Baylor

How good is this team? Defense looks decent and offense has been on fire since the season started. There are two questions. Is the defense good or is the schedule weak? Also, how good will Stidham be? Neither of these questions will be answered this week in a game against Kansas State, but we will at least get to see what it might look like.

4. OU

Watch out. OU should and would be higher if they hadn't lost against Texas. What team should we expect to see each week, the KSU/KU/Tech OU or the UT game OU? No one seems to know and just like Baylor, a game against ISU won't tell us much.

5. TTU

If this team had a defensive pulse whatsoever, they'd be a pretty scary team.

T-6. WVU

Things have certainly fallen off for West Virginia. A 40-10 loss to TCU isn't great by any means, but if some of Howards passes went complete, it'd have been a lot closer.

T-6. ISU

They beat Texas, so are they better than OU? Probably not, but man, that freshman running back is pretty good.

8. UT

Charlie Strong said Texas would never lose five or more games again. That didn't last very long.

9. KSU

I don't know that anyone can actually tell you what's going on with this team. I don't know that I've ever seen a KSU team play this poorly.

10. KU

There's a basketball game against Pittsburgh State on campus on Wednesday.