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Coach Ford On The Hotseat, Again

It's not a huge surprise.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Ford, who has a 143-91 record at Oklahoma State (60-65 in Big 12), is on the hot seat. It's no secret that last year, he was on the verge of being fired, but a hefty contract (probably) saved him, along with a Tweet from ultra-booster Boone Pickens.

CBS does a college basketball preview and one of the topics they covered was coaches on the hot seat. Unsurprisingly, Ford made the list. Here's part of what they had to say on Ford:

"The tricky thing with Ford's time at OSU: He's made five of seven NCAA Tournaments. Hard to boot a guy who gets to the most important event in your sport at that ratio. The issue: Those five runs tally a total of one win in the Big Dance. For some schools, simply getting there is not enough, and OSU's leash with Ford is short. Doesn't help that OSU is playing in a Big 12 this season that features three other programs who are built to be Final Four-good.

By the way, Ford has never looked better than when he did this last month."

After a 24-win season in 2012, Ford's teams have fallen down significantly and went 18-14 last year, one of the worst teams in the NCAA Tournament. Ford will have to rely on Forte and some huge unknowns on finding an offense in a pretty thick Big 12.