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Yes, yes, we know, there's still two games left.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a fun, if not bumpy, ride this season, but like Dandy Don Meredith used to sing...

With that, let's give it one more'll have to forgive King, he's understandably perturbed at losing two consecutive games to teams he loves to hate.


1. OU: Luckily your players and fans (I'm looking at you Newcastle PD) reminded me why I hate you so very much.

2. BU: You suck and I hate you.

3. TCU: How did we roll you up?

4. WVU: How did you lose to us?

5. OSU: Screw you Gundy. Take your raise and get us some more 1 star recruits.

6. Tech: Will you do better than 7-8 wins next year? Signs point to no.

7. KSU: Harry Potter couldn't help this team.

8. UT: How's that Longhorn network working out for you?

9. ISU: Will you finally be relevant in the conference? Signs point to maybe.

10. KU: Hey, you're perfect on the year.


1. OU...I'll say this...I can sleep at night knowing you are the Big 12 champion. I have life experience with that. Living with a Baylor three-peat would have taken years of therapy.

2. OSU...We lost the defacto championship game, so we get 2nd, right?

3. TCU...You did us such a wonderful favor, and we flushed it right down the toilet.

4. Baylor...Screw tiebreakers. We clobbered TCU, you didn't. Transitive properties are a bitch. Go ahead and shit yourselves again in a big bowl game.

5. WVU...You're the best of the rest. Burn some couches, but not before you finish your business against KState.

6. Tech...Imagine if you had ANY defense.

7. Iowa State...Nice hire, although I'm a little surprised. Your new coach understands he's coaching Iowa STATE, right?

8. Texas...I'm so going to be a Longhorns fan this coming weekend.

9. KState...Nice job removing any doubt about who is the worst football team in the Big 12. As if there was any doubt.

10. Kansas...It's over. Think of it this way...there are nine months in a year that you AREN'T losing football games.

Everyone have a safe, wonderful, and joyous holiday season. Hey, look, Santa is bringing us basketball!!!