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TCU Defensive Preview: The Real Fun Begins

So now we get to meaningful football....erm okay, the last several games have been meaningful but these last four games take on a different look.

TCU has been marred by injuries on the defensive side in 2015.
TCU has been marred by injuries on the defensive side in 2015.
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The M.A.S.H. Unit:

Let's face it. One of the reasons that teams have stuck around with TCU and not a team like Baylor is the atrocious amount of injuries that the Horned Frogs have suffered this season. LeBron would describe it best. Not one, not two, not three.....well you get the idea. The point is, FOUR major defensive cogs have been missing this season, three of which were outright starters to begin the year. The core of these injuries have been in the linebacker unit. Inside linebacker Sammy Douglas was lost for the year with an "undisclosed" injury. To not be left out though, hybrid safety/linebacker Kenny Iloka was also taken out of the rotation for the year with a knee injury. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! This was not an injury though. Mike Freeze, a freshman who the guys over at Frogs' O War are probably ready to stop having questions about, left the team for "personal reasons." Not to let this narrative die, it was recently reported that Freeze turned up at a JUCO baseball tryout. What the hell? Like seriously, WHAT THE HELL? Unfortunately we're not done here. TWO MORE TO GO! Senior defensive end James McFarland was lost with a foot injury and starting corner Ranthony Texada also suffered a season ending knee injury. Not good. Not good at all. Where's Alan Alda and Jamie Farr, they're needed in Fort Worth.

The Leftovers:

For the first time in what seems like forever, there is not a household name player that I immediately recognize on the Horned Frog defense. That does not mean that Gary Patterson doesn't have this unit as salty as possible, given the rough go it has had with injuries thus far in the 2015 campaign. Travin Howard who has moved around a bit position wise is in the spot that Freeze played in game week one against the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. Howard has made his presence felt, leading the team in tackles with 55 and tallying five of those for lose. As a guy that has played safety, the Cowboy passing attack will not be able to pick on him like they could in other match ups. We again all know about the blunder-filled batch of dudes playing on the Cowboy offensive line. Now the lead pass rusher they face against the Horned Frogs isn't Emmanuel Ogbah or more practically, Devante Fields, but Josh Carraway has done his job so far this season. Guess what? He's also recorded better numbers than the overhyped, tall bloke over in Waco. So how 'bout that. Carraway has 5.5 sacks this season and something tells me he'll record at least one more this weekend.

Same Song Different Team:

Last week, Oklahoma State played a dyer defensive opposition. Legendary bad people. This week will not be that case, but once again, the Cowboys could exploit their opponents defensive weakness if they could run the damn ball. There is some slivers of hope, but if the reverse and end around become the staples to a running game I don't want to be a part of that nonsense. That will die quickly and will be diagnosed even quicker by opposing defenses that are trying to keep their teams in the CFP hunt. The Horned Frogs give up 173 yards on the ground per game and at least two touchdowns. HELLO OPERATOR, GET ME THE RUNNING GAME. THEY HAVEN'T ANSWERED ANYONES' CALLS ALL SEASON. WE'RE GETTING WORRIED. They won't pick up, we all know they won't pick up. Their answering machine is full by this point. See ya Friday.