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Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

Basketball season is (unfortunately) here.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With College Basketball season officially upon us in the Big 12, the CRFF team ranked each Big 12 team. We will be doing this once a month until conference play starts, when we will make it a once a week thing.

As you can see, KU was almost the overwhelming favorite, however OU was voted No. 1 once instead of Iowa State. Oklahoma State is getting the respect it deserves, though after most of us picked the Cowboys at eight or nine, a few No. 6 placings awarded the Cowboys the seventh position.

The hardest schools to really rank are the middle tier. Baylor, Texas and West Virginia could all be good, or could all be average.

Ranking School Points Average Position
1 KU 98 1.2
2 OU 90 2
3 ISU 79 3.1
4 BU 68 4.2
5 UT 57 5.3
6 WVU 55 5.5
7 OSU 34 7.6
8 KSU 25 8.2
9 TT 22 8.7
10 TCU 17 9.1