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How Can You Ignore Emmanuel Ogbah?

The Lombardi Award team just put some lighter fluid on what was already a hot fire.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

During Big 12 media days in July, Baylor defensive end responded with, "who's that?" when I asked what he thought of Emmanuel Ogbah and his play.

Fast forward a little more than four months later and it seems you can't talk about Oklahoma State without mentioning the potential first-round pick. Ogbah has had nine sacks, 11.5 tackles for loss and 14 quarterback hurries. Those are some stats that should help the 2014 Big 12 Defensive Player of The Year repeat with that award.

They aren't however, good enough for the Lombardi Trophy, apparently. The Rotary Lombardi award announced its 12 finalists today, leaving off No. 38 for some guys that probably shouldn't be there. Oklahoma State wasn't happy about this, sending out this Tweet.

Ogbahs' nine sacks lead the Big 12, puts him at fifth in the nation and he's 2.5 sacks over second place in the conference (Eric Striker, 6.5). But, instead, the Lombardi team decided to skip over Ogbah, instead they put on four players with less sacks, three guys with less tackles for loss and each player on the list has less quarterback hurries.

I'm not all that good with math or logic at all times, but it doesn't seem as if the Lombardi committee is actually going to award this to the "best college football lineman or linebacker."

For now though, this could make Ogbah more fierce, if that's possible, by putting more lighter fluid on a burning fire. With that, I leave you with this perfect Tweet from coach Glenn Spencer.