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TCU Offensive Preview: It Sorta Writes Itself

TCU has a good offense. I don't have to prove it to you all, but I will.

Trevone Boykin has been as good as advertised.
Trevone Boykin has been as good as advertised.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Trees Everywhere:

If the TCU passing attack had WWE walk-in music, it would be "The Trees" by Rush. It's not just about sheer height with these guys either, it's long arms, long legs, but they don't run like newborn giraffes either. If it is not for Corey Coleman doing stupid video game-esque stuff in Waco, we'd be doing all the drooling over Josh Docston. If those two aren't the top two vote-getters for the Biletnikoff, I'll get my pitchfork and torch ready. Doctson's numbers are still absurd though, the most of which is that he has gained 1,251 receiving yards in EIGHT games. Dude is primed for at least a buck-fifty and almost two endzone visits. Trevone Boykin is great but he has had an absolute gem of a receiver to help him along the way. That is just Doctson though. There are others. Kolby Listenbee is the next tree in the forest. His numbers have improved from a year ago, adding about 15 more yards to his per game line. These two will be the vertical threats but this season another receiver for the Horned Frogs has emerged. This guy is the sapling of the forest. Kavontae Turpin is a diminutive five-foot-nine-inches tall, but he has become the slot threat for the Horned Frogs and his speed is something to watch out for, especially after Oklahoma State's performance last week against Texas Tech and the likes of Jakeem Grant. The secondary for Oklahoma State will define this game, Kevin Peterson is probable for this game, but Ashton Lampkin remains questionable. Whoever ends up out there though, has to be ready to tackle in space and not get beat on longer routes. The game must be kept in front of them. If not, this game will be a shootout that I don't like Oklahoma State's odds in.

Complete Package:

This offense is as complete as their is in the country. Baylor is complete in the sense of their system whereas this is a completeness by personnel. Doug Meacham is outdoing himself in Fort Worth and has made Cowboy fans miss him dearly since his departure. Trevone Boykin is still in the Heisman hunt, although I think we can all agree it is Leonard Fournette's to lose. Boykin is the best QB in all the Big 12 and arguably the country. He's also healthy, sorry Baylor (Stidham will be just fine). All phases of the Oklahoma State defense must come together for the entire game. That did not happen in Lubbock and I again reiterate that I am not prepared for that level of heartburn as it happens in person. Emmanuel Ogbah got snubbed (translates: screwed) in the Lombardi award finalist cut, he's not worried about it though, so neither will I. What I do know is that he may have to pick up the slack a bit with the chance of Jimmy Bean missing this ball game. That's one edge-setter I would hate to not have out there with an opponent like TCU. Boykin has only been sacked six times all season, that number HAS to go up for Oklahoma State to win this game, and the same could be said for the number of interceptions thrown by Boykin which is five. They limit mistakes. That's their biggest strength.

Unreal Development:

Gary Patterson has done things that 20 years ago were unthinkable at Texas Christian. In these last 3 years or so, I think Patterson has outdone himself even further. Crazy to say when you look back at all the success that he has had in Fort Worth. If we focus on Trevone Boykin and Josh Doctson, you'll see what I mean. Two years ago when TCU came to town, Boykin was a laughable opposing quarterback. His stat line that day was 17 of 35 for 188 yards, zero touchdowns and three interceptions. Fast forward to what he is now and I tip my hat to the coaching staff for developing the guy into a pro prospect. Then there is Doctson, who a.) was not recruited by TCU and b.) originally went to Wyoming as an unrated receiver from Texas. That latter part is amazing to me, if you know anything about recruiting, it is hard to be unrated and go anywhere Division 1 these days. That is especially true in the state of Texas. To go from that, to being arguably the best wide receiver in all of college football, my goodness. Bravo, this staff should earn everyone's respect.

Coffelt's Picks:

Cowboy faithful isn't going to be happy with me. It has to happen at some point though. I do however like my crow grilled with lemon pepper if I do in fact have to eat it. May as well enjoy the crow if it ends up being a positive for the Pokes. Cowboys drop their first of the season, final score: 35-27 Horny Frogs.